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25 Creative Pinterest Board Ideas for Beginners in 2022

ByGhalib Ashrafi

Jul 6, 2022
25 Creative Pinterest Board Ideas for Beginners in 2022

Pins and boards are the first two things that spring to mind when considering how to market your company on Pinterest. Just in case, if you’re a marketer looking to expand your audience, you should look for certain Pinterest board ideas that will be of the utmost assistance to you.

The most crucial thing to remember while using Pinterest is to be very strategic with your pinning and the kinds of boards you make. Simply said, you should cease pinning content that you enjoy in favor of content that would appeal to your target audience.

Why Are Original Pinterest Ideas So Important?

Making the most of Pinterest can be one of the best choices you can make, especially because it is now among the top three social networks in the US.

Additionally, Pinterest may be a fantastic tool for marketing your goods and services. More than 50% of users claim that Pinterest influences their purchasing decisions, and 1 in 2 choose to purchase after seeing it advertised in their Pinterest feed.

It may be ideal to work on your Pinterest marketing approach and benefit as a consequence while keeping the aforementioned facts in mind.

The Best Pinterest Board Ideas are listed below:

The greatest strategy to attract a big audience is to fill your Pinterest account with a variety of boards. Therefore, it is best to make sure that each board you successfully build has pins that are relevant to your target market while also adhering to the branding of your company.

Let’s have a look at the list of Pinterest board ideas that will help you improve your situation and grow your company significantly.

1. Food and beverages

Without a question, it is Pinterest’s most well-known category. The ability to organize boards by different cooking skills makes it easier for users to browse recipes. Additionally, boards that are unrelated to your recipes, such as those for helpful recipes, get a sizable audience because people looking for assistance or ideas will naturally find your page.

2. Home decor

Avoid pinning articles about the organization when it comes to home decor and instead concentrates on aspirational interiors. Remember that Pinterest users want to see something truly captivating. Make sure you are aware of what your target market perceives as their “dream home.” It is important to note that no one needs to post pictures of their exact home. To hide their realities, they use Pinterest.

3. DIY/Crafting 

Just in case you enjoy making or your target audience is primarily made up of parents and kids, a DIY board that features enjoyable crafts for parents to make with their kids would unquestionably be an outstanding engagement tool.

You should also choose tasks that aren’t too challenging. You may choose boards that are divided into categories based on how difficult something is or how long it would take to make it.

4. Style

Despite being a relatively simple category to pin the stuff you like, keep in mind that this one can be tough. It is important to note that your target market should come first.

Additionally, you should research the blogs and fashion publications that your target market reads and make sure to follow those businesses on Pinterest. Try to directly pin the kinds of blogs and magazines that have already been published from the style boards.

5. Health

This area is hard because you can use the same blogs and magazines that you did to make your Fashion board. What kinds of articles about various topics related to health are published by those magazines and blogs?

Remember that your target market can find daily meditation and gentle stretching more appealing OR they might find a board full of people training for marathons more intriguing. It should be remembered, nevertheless, that thorough investigation should come first.

6. Quotation

Make sure to include a variety of humorous and inspirational phrases that can be posted numerous times. Additionally, you can stick to a consistent color scheme and design for your quotes to stay on brand. Memes may or may not be appropriate for your brand depending on several factors. Make careful you only pin articles that accurately reflect the personality of your brand.

7. Design

The best part about this category is that everything from vehicles to architecture might be included. Make sure your pins all share the same visual theme. Simply said, all of your pins in this category must appear as though they would fit in the same magazine.

8. Photography 

This alluring board category serves as a repository for stunning pictures. Try to visualize lovely places to visit, picture-perfect beaches, and images of your pets, to name a few. Remember that although your target market has probably never visited Switzerland, they might daydream about doing so.

9. Travel

 Be sure to compile a fantastic list of breathtaking sites to ignite serious wanderlust, from the breathtaking Swiss landscapes to the breathtaking skyscrapers of Chicago!

Your followers are interested in destinations that they could one day visit. Make sure you choose the best locations for showcasing! Another concept is to separate pins into groups according to regions or nations.

10. Exercise

Just in case, if you’re a fitness influencer, be sure to organize your pins into categories to make it as simple as possible for followers to browse.

Make sure to organize your workout pins into categories like “legs,” “abs,” and “cardio.” The best aspect is that everyone can easily understand this, and even people who are new to fitness will find it easy to get started.

11. Crafts

Making brand products from companies you frequently use readily will be one of the greatest Pinterest board ideas. These might be any affiliate products or even everyday items that you enjoy using.

Additionally, just like home offices, you should consider craft room inspiration since everyone enjoys admiring beautiful craft rooms. Craft supply storage is something else you should consider because most crafters will have a tonne of supplies and are constantly looking for ways to store them. It can also make a great affiliate product niche.

12. Business

For this category, inspirational or motivational quotations can be the ideal choice. Additionally, the best productivity ideas for business might include themes like time management, working from home, and being your boss.

Additionally, you won’t have to swoon over stunning home offices thanks to this office inspiration. Additionally, using the best technologies for your niche can be an exciting method to advertise affiliate items and blog reviews.

13. Boards with seasonal themes

The finest Pinterest board ideas for any business that has a seasonal component related to its content are seasonal-themed pins.

Even while all material may have a seasonal bent, boards that focus on your seasonal content are ideal for your account if you regularly produce it.

14. Boards that Offer Products Comparable to Yours

This will increase the likelihood that your target market will find you quickly. Just in case, you should have a Beauty board if you are manufacturing perfume. Additionally, if you create things with alluring designs, you ought to have a board full of patterns.

15. Your Items

Make it simple for a Pinterest user to locate a board dedicated to your company. As you should be growing your items over numerous of your existing boards, make sure that one board is all you require.

16. Launching a Business

When beginning a business, Pinterest can be a great resource. Because of this, while you’re just starting, you can choose from a selection of tutorials that can fulfill all your needs (make sure to check out her other marketing boards as well.)

17. Recipes

With countless items to meet every enthusiast’s demands, this board may be the most varied. This is something you should consider as there are more and more recipes that are straightforward, delicious, and worthy of a click.

18. Home Details

Users can find the perfect finishing touches for their living environment by browsing a beautiful assortment of simple and feminine home accents.

19. Culture

This is a broad concept that can include a variety of things, including contemporary art, music, fashion, and movies. If followers are interested in spotting as well as following the most recent trends, it should be appealing and must be a hot cake.

20. Mindfulness

The greatest option would also be to include a thoughtful selection of journaling questions, meditation instructions, and advice on developing oneself.

21. Adaptation

Your audience doesn’t need to look any farther if they are looking for the ultimate Pinterest board. On this board, they should be able to locate anything from party decorations to recipes. Additionally, you ought to provide a range of knowledge as well as motivation.

22. Architecture

The greatest option may be to use one of the well-liked boards with architectural features that focus on unusual structures and areas. Furthermore, this board is undoubtedly a must-follow for every architectural guru who adores this area, covering everything from sky roofing to the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

23. Marriage

It shouldn’t be surprising that this board has more than 4 million followers given that Pinterest is well known for providing some of the most wonderful wedding inspiration and planning suggestions. You should give your target audience this chance just in case they are daydreaming about the perfect nuptials.

24. Science and technology

The ideal approach might also be to create a slick, futuristic board with lots of movies and photos that also discuss the next technological advancements. Additionally, it should include watch features similar to an iPod and be used to deliver the news.

25. Books

how to make a Pinterest board Another utterly fantastic board with a tonne of extremely vintage and independent book covers. If bookworms are your target market, then this would unquestionably be the greatest choice.


Completely including a big range of boards on your Pinterest account is the best strategy to attract a sizable audience. Make sure that every board you make must contain pins that are related to your target audience and that best reflect the aesthetic of your business.

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