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4 Accommodation in Chikmagalur for the perfect family

Byarjun singh

Jun 18, 2021

Not sure you want to reserve a place for your next family outing in Chikmagalur? We have recently given you the right tips!

 In today’s fast-paced life, there is no opportunity to adjust to the expense of long-distance family travel. No matter how much time you put in, you often stress how to find the best accommodation. If you are a large group, it is difficult to find enough rooms for everyone to live in the hotel. However, due to the development of family culture in Karnataka, explorers may decide to book among several excellent and pleasant homestays in Karnataka without asking for money.  In order to adapt to various travel gatherings, this homestay in Chikmagalur provides a variety of sports options.

 The following is our preferred Chikmagalur homestay, very suitable for family trips:

 1. Legacy Plantation Villa – Heritage Chikmagalur Homestay

 Area: ANOOR

If you are interested in staying in traditional home stays in chikmagalur, this Homestay will make people happy. Fascinate yourself by having a lot of properties and rooms open. This homestay in Chikmagalur is run by has and is a perfect combination of history and modern luxury.

 is only 15 kilometers from the city of Chikmagalur. This homestay in Chikmagalur is the first choice for tourists due to its peaceful climate and first-class well-being. Chapter

 Will You Like This Place?

  •  Delicious dishes
  •  Nature lovers can start the day with a walk around the mansion
  •  You can let your elders be with you
  •  Bird watching in town
  •  Homework: Rs 3,500 per person per night *
  •  Heritage accommodation reservation Plantation Villa

 2 Royal bungalow homestay, home away from home

 Region: ALDUR

 The royal bungalow homestay may be Chikmagalur’s most famous host family, allowing you to return to the British era. This inherited property is a strong request from tourists who ventured to Chikmagalur with their families. The interior pays special attention to creating a comfortable climate and providing warm energy. Look no further!

 In order to adapt to various travel gatherings, this homestay in Chikmagalur provides a variety of sports options. For families, they have exquisite and pleasant family rooms.

 What would you like about this place?

  •  The best choice for reading and relaxing
  •  Visitors can enjoy wine and food next to the nursery
  •  For young children, they maintain special considerations
  •  Breakfast is great, and the staff are friendly
  •  Service: From 2,400 rupees per person per night (family room)
  •  Book Authentic Bungalow Homestay

 now 3. Sringeri Homestay-Heritage Budget Homestay

 in Chikmagalur District: KOPPA

 These charming houses are located in the city and are outstanding. This homestay in Chikmagalur has been carefully built to ensure the best comfort for visitors without having to stay at the roots of Chikmagalur. This family house has 4 rooms. This homestay in Chikmagalur is only a short drive from Sringeri Temple. For families who need to take advantage of protection and understand each other, the cash accommodation option is incredible.

  •  What would you appreciate here?
  •  Dense green environment elements, planted with trees and nurseries
  •  A great place for bird watching and waking up to the sound of birds
  •  Great host and breakfast
  •  Extraordinary cash reward
  •  Taxes: 2,500 rupees per person per night* Starting from
  •  Book now Sringeri Homestay

 4. Giri Homestay-Chikmagalur Mountain Homestay, with stunning views


 Need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and wake up in the elegant breeze? Look no further! Chikmagalur is only 19 kilometers away from Chikmagalur. It is a wealthy homestay in Chikmagalur. It is located on an uneven slope regardless of the mountains, very close to the most striking peak of Karnataka.

 tourists love this homestay because of its very pleasant rooms facing the mountains and the host is so friendly that they keep coming back to hear more!

  •  What would you like about this place?
  •  Spacious, well-kept rooms can be seen everywhere, cantilevered facing the mountains
  •  Stunning breakfast
  •  Stunning sunset view of the slope, perfect for your Instagram
  •  Take a walk on the nearby hillside to relax and interact with the locals
  •  Just ride a bike on the road
  •  Do physical exercises in the kindergarten
arjun singh
Author: arjun singh