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6 Quick and Easy way to Unblock Websites

ByEmilee Boone

Oct 19, 2021
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Are you looking for ways to unblock websites from your firewall? Here are some ways to allow Chrome to access the network through firewalls.

Sometimes, you’ll go to an online site only to find it’s blocked. It won’t be possible to access the website, even the connection to the internet is functioning.

You can determine if the site is operating by using a checker tool that will let you know that the servers of the website are down. If not, the website might be blocked in the region you live in. What causes websites to be blocked? How do you unblock websites behind a firewall?

Why Do Sites Get Blocked?

There are many reasons why you may encounter an error message that reads “This webpage has been blocked”.

The website could be blocked to be accessible to certain regions. The network you’re connected to may be protected by firewalls that put restrictions on which websites you can access. You can verify a site’s status by using tools such as down for all users or only me.

It is possible to deblock websites if you encounter issues with your software that detects spam automatically. Some sites restrict access to a variety of IP addresses when they believe they’re the origin of spam-related requests. However, sometimes innocent users may be caught with these filters, even though they’re not committing any wrongdoing.

How to Unblock Websites From Behind a Firewall

You can use a variety of methods for accessing websites when behind firewalls. Try switching to an alternative network, or rebooting the modem. Also, you can try using an IP address on a website instead of the URL.

If you are just looking to browse the site using this Google cached version. If you have access to a VPN or proxy server, then you may make use of this to gain access to the site. Also, you could test unblocking the site making use of it with the Tor browser. We’ll look at these suggestions to gain access to blocked websites.

1. Bypass Firewalls By Switching From Wi-Fi to Mobile Data

There are times when you’ll see websites that are restricted due to restrictions, like a firewall that is used to the Wi-Fi network. For instance, if you’re using Wi-Fi at the workplace or school The network administrator could limit the websites that can be visited.

Sites that are not considered appropriate could be banned or blocked altogether, and the same goes for sites that use a lot of bandwidth, such as YouTube.

If you determine that this is the case, then the easiest method to unlock a blocked website is to unplug your gadget from the Wi-Fi network and then use a different method to connect to the internet.

If you’re using your mobile You can make use of the data on your phone to connect to the website. However when you’re able to access the website via 4G, but not via Wi-Fi, then the issue is due to limitations on Wi-Fi networks.

2. Open Blocked Sites by Visiting the IP Address Directly

If you’re not able to take advantage of mobile internet, then you can still unblock websites by bypassing the URL. The way that domain names function means that when you enter a domain name within your internet browser like google.com your browser will be directed to an internet server. This server relays information such as images, text as well as anything else your browser requires to load the website.

If the site is not accessible when you enter your URL address, then you may try accessing it directly by visiting your server’s IP address. This is because sometimes, blocks only affect domain names. If you’re able to go straight to the site, then you can still access the site just as you normally would.

To test this method you’ll need to determine your IP address for the website you’d like to visit. Visit a website similar to IPVoid’s Search Website IP software and type in the domain you wish to get the IP address of. After that, click the Find IP for a Website button.

It will show an IP address that is displayed in the lower box of text. For google.com for example its IP number is

Copy this IP address and type the address into your web browser. You’ll be directed to the website you’re looking for. You may be capable of unblock websites oraccessing it even if the domain is blocked.

3. Access Blocked Sites By Viewing a Cached Version

If a website is not working but you’re still able to access it, attempt using cache. This is a great option when the website isn’t frequently updated, or if you only require a few details from it.

This cache contains an earlier version of the site that Google stores a copy as a backup. It won’t be able to show you sites that require you to sign in to for like Facebook content. But it can show older versions of text-based websites that don’t need the login.

To make use of Google Cache, perform a search on the website you’d like to visit. You can do this by entering “site:makeuseof.com”, for example.

In the Google results for a search, you’ll find the title of the site, as well as an excerpt of the content available on the website. Below is the URL for the site. The URL is next to an image that reads “Cached”. Click here to see this page in the Google Cache version of the page.

Alternately, you can attempt to access another version of the site like the mobile version, or one that is with a different language or for a region that is not in the same. It could be that just one version of the website is blocked.

4. Unblock a Website by Restarting Your Modem

Other times the modem will assign you an active IP address. It means that each time your connection to the Internet is made, you’ll receive an IP address that you can temporarily use during that session.

If you’ve had a website block an IP address from your system, you can work over this issue by purchasing another one. The easiest method to accomplish this is to reboot your modem. You’ll be able to get a new IP when your modem is rebooted.

If, however, the ISP assigns you a static IP address that is more frequent the case, then your address is likely to be the same, no matter the number of times that you reboot your modem.

5. How to Open Blocked Websites Using a Proxy or VPN

If you’re using an unchanging IP address There is a different option to change it. It is possible to use a VPN or proxy server to connect to blocked websites by hiding your actual IP address behind an untrue one.

The two tools function slightly differently, however, in the sense of unblocking access to a website, they’re identical. When you start your proxy or VPN and the service assigns you a unique IP address. After that, when you make an internet request, for instance, to load a specific web page, that request is interpreted to originate from the IP address that you have been assigned.

That means you can utilize proxy servers to access blocked websites. If a website is blocked within your region it is possible to connect to an intermediary or VPN server that is located in a different region. By using this method you can allow Chrome to access the network.

6. How to Unblock a Website Using the Tor Browser

If these strategies do not work, you could test with alternative methods such as the Tor browser. It works by concealing its users’ location thus allowing them to browse the internet with no restrictions.

Similar to a VPN (or proxy), when you make use of Tor the real IP address is concealed behind a brand new IP address that you are assigned. This is accomplished by routing your data through relay servers that are hosted by volunteers across the globe. It means you can utilize Tor to browse websites even when they are blocked by other browsers.

The drawback of the use of Tor can be that it could be slow and is not compatible with certain devices like those that run iOS. However, if you’re using a desktop or Android and are looking for a solution that can allow you to access text-based websites from any device, it’s definitely worth giving it a shot.

Use These Tips to Unblock Websites and Browse Freely

If a website is blocked in your browser doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to connect to it. You’ll be able to access several websites and unblock websites, even if they’re blocked initially, even if you do not use proxy services or VPN.

Like always, you have to be aware and secure before unblocking a website to determine why it’s blocked initially. If you think it poses an issue for security isn’t a good decision to go there regardless.

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