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7 Best Tourist Attractions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Byarjun singh

Jun 18, 2021
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If you think the white sand beaches of the Emerald Isle kiss crystal clear cyan water, forgive me! !! You have no choice but the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. These islands can even turn your idle mood into an adventurous mood because they provide you with a number of ocean activities. Then in the pagan world of emeralds, you are out … When you enter the history of the battle of this infamous “prison”, which has now become a world heritage site and a movement to commemorate the prisoners (fighters for the freedom) of India’s independence, Jove-dove-judo man will boil a treasure chest to cheer himself up. 

There is no strong aura of apostasy in Aboriginal Aboriginal cultural life. Due to unauthorized deforestation, some tribes have become extinct and, in modern Indian society, few Jawarans and Sentinals survive in the outside world when taken down. Indians and immigrants from Burma and Sri Lanka are other pagans who live in harmony. On these mysterious islands, a treasure chest awaits you. 

 In a forest-like atmosphere, dolphins and various sea turtles, such as green turtles, hawksbill turtles, skinned turtles, and olive ridley turtles, rejuvenate in the meandering imagination and salmon footprints of coral reefs. If you are good, the jellyfish and poisonous sea insects like Laticauda Colubrine and Sea Krait will soon bring you joy. Andaman tour packages “scroll life” are these reptiles. 

 1. Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island 

Radhanagar Beach is a must-see beach for Andaman tour groups. It is located on the west coast of Havelock Island. In 2004, it was named “Asia’s Best Beach” by TIME magazine. The white sandy beach gleams under the blue and turquoise water. The clean and calm atmosphere is an ideal beach environment for long walks and watching the sunset on the horizon. Radhanagar Beach is also famous for snorkeling and diving, allowing adventurers to explore the colorful marine world. 

 2. Ross and Smith Island Beach 

 Unique Paradise Ross and Smith Island Beach in Andaman is another unspoiled beach … Beach lovers from all over the world. This natural sandbar connects two isolated islands. Just a few miles from Diglipur Pier on Ross and Smith Island, you can take a boat ride through the clear, green, and blue water. It is a paradise for sleeping, swimming, snorkeling, snorkeling, and other activities. 

 3. Laxmanpur Beach, Neil Island 

 Laxmanpur Beach is close to Bharatpur Beach…It is one of the most popular beaches in Andaman because it has enough time and space to be alone, even during peak tourist seasons is also like this. period. It is an ideal place for a trip to Andaman. Laxmanpur Beach is longer and wider than Bharatpur Beach, making it ideal for long walks. 

 4. Lalaji Bay Beach, Long Island 

 Lalaji Bay Beach is another quiet and spectacular beach in Andaman. It is located on the west coast of the Long Island region and is served by regular ferry services from Rangat in central Andaman. Large Bay Beach must be rented from Long Island Pier for more than an hour by the mangrove creek. 

 5. Guitar Island Beach 

 is a long, narrow, cream-colored beach accessible only from the Long Island Pier via Dunghi, one of the least populated in the Andaman? For couples who want privacy and try to develop unrealistic romantic ideals and attitudes, this beach is an ideal vacation destination

 6. Wandoor Beach, Port Blair 

 Although one of Andaman’s favorite beaches … Wandoor Beach is still famous for its picturesque scenery, perfect for swimming and coral viewing. There are about 15 covered islands near Wandoor Beach, including Jolly Buoy, Boat, Alexandra, Rede Skin or Tarmugli. You can snorkel or dive in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. 

 7. Amkunj Beach, Rangat 

Rangat Beach Amkunj is one of the best eco-tourism destinations in India, under the guidance of the DFO Forest Officer (Department Forest Officer) in Rangat. Amkunj Beach is one of the beaches where Andaman sea turtles nest, attracting all kinds of environmental enthusiasts. Close to the beach is the ecological park, which has ecological huts, log benches, wooden sofas, teapots, and wooden benches. The park has a beautiful environment.

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