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7 Ultimate Methods to Fix Avast Antivirus won’t Open Issue

ByEmilee Boone

Oct 25, 2021
my Avast won't open

Are you stuck when opening the newly installed Avast antivirus on Your Windows 10 Computer? If so, you’re not just one of the few. Many users are facing similar issues like my Avast won’t open and Avast antivirus UI isn’t opening and so on. From a damaged installation to a corrupted or damaged file, any issue can cause this problem and eventually bring down the protection of your computer. However, it’s not the end of the story.

In this article, we will provide 7 troubleshooting suggestions to resolve my Avast won’t open problems. Whatever time you’ve been experiencing this issue or what type of problem you’re facing we’ve got you covered! Therefore, look into the solutions right now.

7 Effective Methods to Fix Avast won’t Open

There are many types of this type of errors. We’ve listed solutions for the forms below together with general solutions. The other forms are:

  • Windows 10 Action Center Doesn’t Recognize Avast
  • Process Trust Error During Avast Installation
  • Avast Causes Black Screen in Windows 10

As we have already discussed that a bad installation or damaged files could be the reason that results in Avast UI not opening. In addition, incompatibility to Windows Windows Operating System can be an underlying factor. Take a look at the top 7 ways below that will remove the root cause and resolve your Avast antivirus that will not open. Take a look.

Method 1: Repair the Avast Antivirus Software

When we have looked through various communities, we have discovered that many users can eliminate the issue only after fixing it. Therefore, you should try this before you try any other method. Follow the steps below to fix my Avast won’t open today.

1: First, connect to your PC with administrative rights.

2: Next Press Step 2: Press the Windows logo key, and search for Control Panel in the search box.

3: Now, open Control Panel and find Uninstall programs in the section for Programs.

4: Now, locate Avast and click Repair and then click Next.

5: A new pop-up will appear Click on the Confirm button.

6: When the Avast software has returned in its original settings, press the Finish button.

Then, restart your computer and verify if the issue is present or not. If the issue continues continue the process as described below.

Method 2: Restart Avast Antivirus Services

Another solution to the problem. That is to restart the Avast Antivirus services. It’s quite easy to do so. If you encounter any issue with the service it could shut down your Avast multiple times. Therefore, restarting Avast will assist you to resolve my Avast won’t open issue. Follow these steps right now

1: Press the Windows logo key + R simultaneously to launch the Run dialog box.

2: Type ‘services.msc in the blank space and press the OK button.

3: After that, the Services window will appear and you can navigate to Avast Antivirus

4: Now step is to right-click on Avast and select Properties, then

5: Now go to the ‘Services Status Section’

6: If you notice that the service stopped, it is necessary to restart it.

7: Now, go to the Startup Type in the Avast Antivirus Properties window and make it set to Automatic

8: The pop-up will open You must confirm the pop-up to save the changes.

9: Now, press the Start button.

When you press the Start button, you could receive an error message that reads “Windows cannot launch Avast Antivirus Services on the Local Computer. “Avast Antivirus Services on the Local Computer. Error 1079” If you get this message, follow the instructions in the following.

10: Open the Properties window for Services once more.

11: Now step is to switch to the Log on tab and select the option to browse.

12: Once you’ve done that, enter your account’s username in the ‘Enter name of the object for selection’. Then click the Check Names button.

Step 13: At this point, you must check the validity of the name of your account

Step 14: When done, click OK

Restart Your Avast Antivirus Services to determine whether the issue remains present or not. If the issue persists you can follow the following steps.

Method 3: Try a Clean Installation

If you’re having this problem due to the installation being damaged If you’re experiencing this issue, then a clean installation is sure to solve the problem. Follow the step-by-method to complete this procedure.

1: First Click Here to download the most recent Avast version.

2: Firstly, Click Here to download the latest Avast

3: Now, open Control Panel and find Avast using the method you used in Step 1.

4: At this point proceed into section Uninstall area and install Avast Clean’s uninstall utility. Avast Clean uninstall the tool and ensure that you save it to your system.

5: After you have completed both downloads then disconnect from your Internet connectivity and start the Safe Mode.

6: Then step is to hit the Windows logo key and R simultaneously to start the Run dialog box.

7: Type in “msconfig” and hit the OK button to launch the System Configuration

8: Go through the Boot section and then check that box beside Safe Mode and then click OK.

9: Now you must restart your computer to boot into Safe Mode.

10: Launch Avast’s Uninstall Tool and navigate to the folder exactly to the location where you’ve put in Avast. It is possible to browse File Explorer to locate the right folder.

Step 10: Hit the Remove button and then restart your computer using the normal start-up option

These steps must fix Avast’s won’t open issue. If the issue persists, you can try the fourth option.

Method 4: Update Your Avast Antivirus Software

Many users have been able to fix the issue by simply updating their antivirus software. You could also upgrade it if Avast has an earlier version. This can fix the problem. Below are some steps needed to upgrade Avast.

1: Start Avast first.

2: Now, click on Settings.

3: Then you must select the Update option.

When the update is complete after which you should launch afterward the Avast software. The issue should be resolved within the next few minutes.

Be aware that if you’re experiencing another type of “Avast won’t open” error, please refer to the section below to find an effective solution.

Method 5: Disable the Avast Shields Control to Fix Windows 10 Action Center Doesn’t Recognize Avast

It is one of the most common types of Avast will no open issues. Sometimes, you will receive an alert message that reads “‘Windows did not find an antivirus program,’ or Windows Defender and Avast Antivirus are both turned off.” If you see these messages appear on the right-hand side of your display, follow the steps below to turn them off and then re-enable your program.

Yes, sometimes deactivating the Avast shields control can assist in fixing the Avast problem that won’t be able to open. Below are some steps you need to follow to take to do this. Take a look.

1: First, click to open the Avast icon on the tray on your system.

2: Select Step 2: Select the Avast Shields Control option from the pop-up menu.

3: Then a pop-up window will appear with various options such as “Disable for “X” time”(Choose your preferred time)

4: Once the time is complete, turn on the Avast shields

5: To accomplish this select the “Enable all shields’ option.

Method 6: Remove Existing Antivirus to Fix Process Trust Error During Avast Installation

Certain users experience this error when installing Avast for the first time. If you’ve experienced this error, that indicates that you have an antivirus program installed on your computer and you have to get rid of it first.

The error in trusting processes is due to an issue between the two antivirus software. Therefore, you must disable the current one that runs Avast on your Computer.

Method 7: Fix Avast Causes Black Screen in Windows 10

Are you seeing your screen going black when you attempt to launch Avast? If yes, then follow the steps below to fix the issue.

1: First, click on the Avast icon on the taskbar and then launch Avast’s user interface. Avast

2: Go to the Settings tab, then select General.

3: Look for the Exclusion option and click on Add

4: Type into the addresses below to exclude



Step 5: Click the OK button, then restart your Computer

Now, your Avast antivirus software will start and work without problem.

This is all! You know how to fix my Avast won’t open. Try these suggestions and let us know which worked for you in the comments box below.

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