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8 Prominent Methods to Resolve Epson Error 0x97

ByEmilee Boone

Nov 8, 2021
Epson Error 0x97

Epson error code 0x97 is a typical error that can occur while printing. It’s accompanied by this error code: 0x97, which appears on the screen.

It could display a message that there’s an issue with your internal hardware. This could be caused by different components inside or motherboard malfunction.

If you come across this error that occurs, the printer abruptly ceases to print or shuts off, and then it takes the Epson Printer offline. In the end, it will be impossible to utilize it properly.

This error message could be caused by a variety of reasons like damaged or obsolete versions of the Epson driver for printers, the printer’s ink cartridges, corrupted registry files, and more.

Methods to Resolve Epson Error 0x97

However, it’s an irritating error, it is easily fixable. In this article, we will detail the most efficient and efficient methods that will assist you in resolving the Epson error code 0x97 in your system.

We have explained the procedure to implement these fixes in the following. Therefore, follow the steps and implement them to get rid of this Epson error code 0x97 in your PC.

Method 1 – Restart the Epson Printer

The first thing you need to do is start your Epson printer. Sometimes restarting your printer will fix many issues that you’ve encountered. To complete Epson repair of error code 0x97 you must follow these steps:

  1. Use the power button on your keyboard to turn off the printer.
  2. Unplug all cables and USB from the printer.
  3. Remove the power cord from the source of power.
  4. Give it a couple of minutes.
  5. Then press the power button for a couple of minutes.
  6. Make sure you do not remove the finger away from your Power button. Once the brief time has gone, connect all cables to your printer.
  7. The power cable should be connected to the source of power and then press your power button down for a couple of minutes.
  8. Remove the finger from the Power button. Now the printer is turned on. Check whether the issue is present or not.

Method 2 – Check the Ink Cartridge

If the cartridges for ink are not working or have been removed from an Epson printer, you could encounter this Epson error code 0x97 in the device. This means that you must examine the cartridge. To do that, follow the steps:

  1. Switch off the printer, and then disconnect all the cables as well as the USB.
  2. Get rid of all printer cartridges. Check that your system is fully powered off.
  3. Plug in all connections and USB and install the cartridges for your printer.
  4. Then, turn off the printer using the Power button, and examine if the issue persists or is not.

Method 3 – Install the Latest Version of the Epson Printer Driver

A version that is not up-to-date for the Epson driver for printers can trigger this Epson error code 0x97 on your PC. This is why you must make sure to update the driver as fast as you can. The steps below will assist you:

  1. Click the Windows Home button and select the Device Manager.
  2. When you are in the Device Manager window appears to Locate that section titled Print queues and click the option to increase its size.
  3. Find the Epson driver for your printer then right-click it, then choose the Update Driver option to start the process of updating.
  4. Once the update is completed, you can restart your computer. Then, check whether the issue has gone away or not.

Method 4 – Uninstall the Epson Printer Driver and Reinstall it

A damaged Epson driver for printers can result in this error on your system. This is why you must uninstall the driver and then install it in a new way. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Windows Home button and R key together to open the Run box.
  2. Enter devmgmt.msc after which click the OK button or enter.
  3. In the Device Manager Window, look for the printer queues area and choose it and expand it on the left side of the screen.
  4. Look for your Epson Printer Driver Right-click it and select Remove Driver from the menu.
  5. After the process of un-installation is completed, you can install it.
  6. For installation, go to their official website for Epson then download the most recent version of the Epson driver for printers.
  7. Once you have downloaded the file, make sure you install it properly.
  8. After it has been installed, reboot your Windows PC and also the Epson printer. Then, try printing to determine whether the error message appears or does not. If the procedure fails to solve the issue, try the next method.

Method 5 – Perform the Microsoft’s Printer Troubleshooter

If you use the printer troubleshooter, you will be able to easily remove your Epson error code of 0x97 from your PC. Here are a few steps you should follow:

  1. On the keyboard, click on the Start button and then select the icon Settings.
  2. Once you have entered the Settings window, click on the Update and Security section.
  3. After that, you can go to the Troubleshoot tab on the left side of the screen.
  4. In the next window Scroll down the page and look for the Devices and Printers section. Select it.
  5. Then, click the Run the Troubleshooter button.
  6. During this procedure, the troubleshooter will pinpoint the problem and correct it on its own by clicking the Apply fix button.
  7. After you’ve completed the troubleshooting process then restart the system. determine if the issue can be resolved or not.

Method 6 – Clean Mechanic Pad Using a Wet Tissue

If there’s dust in the Epson printer, it results in an error code of (0x97). It is recommended to clean the printer using wet tissues. The method to clean the printer is:

  1. Turn off your Epson printer, and then unplug it.
  2. Take off the cover of the printer.
  3. Make use of a damp tissue to wipe clean all internal parts of the mechanical pad as well as the other parts of your printer.
  4. Ten minutes is enough, and then turn off for 10 minutes before switching on the Epson printer.

Method 7 – Download the Epson Error 0x97 Patch

Another way that you can fix the Epson error code 0x97 on your system is by downloading the Epson error patch 0x97. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Get this Epson repair patch for error code 0x97, or repair tool for error 0x97 from Epson’s official site.
  2. After downloading the file, make sure you install it correctly.
  3. When the process is complete After the process is completed, you can restart the device.

Method 8 – Update the Operating System

After completing the previous steps, if the issue persists then you should upgrade the operating system on your personal computer. Let’s look at the steps:

  1. Press the Start button and I key to open the settings window.
  2. Visit the Update and Security section. Then, choose the Update tab from the left side of the panel.
  3. In the Update window, click the Check for updates to determine if updates are out or not.
  4. If so, you’ll look for the Update option. Click on it.
  5. That after that, the system will start up and attempt to print to determine whether the Epson printer is working correctly or not.

These methods can assist you in resolving Epson error code 0x97 in the system. Utilizing these techniques, you’ll be able to get rid of this error message immediately, and also the issue of the Epson printer being offline could be resolved if you follow the correct steps. 

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