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8 Travel Gadgets: The Most Important iPhone Accessories For Vacation


Jun 10, 2020

The borders will be opened again, the restrictions will be loosened, the travel warnings will be reduced – vacation trips will at least be possible in summer 2020 at least. When you travel, you need accessories for your iPhone in your luggage. Check the packing list: Here are eight top recommendations from Technologious for holidays with the iPhone.

When I go on vacation, the iPhone is of course always with me. Other devices like iPad or MacBook are not in your backpack, at most maybe an e-book reader. I make sure to keep the weight as low as possible. This is also reflected in some product tips. It starts with the eight recommended accessories:

Travel accessories for iPhone # 1: petrol station on vacation

The original iPhone charging plug is wonderfully flat, but charges slowly. At least iPad owners will not be satisfied with this plug on vacation. However, the original Apple power supply for the iPad takes up much more space. The energy expert Anker has a great, high-quality solution for this case at an attractive price: Thanks to USB C and a modern chip (IQ), the PowerPort III Nano charges devices with 12 or even 18 watts (5 volts or 9 volts). The iPhone XR is 56 percent full in 30 minutes! With the 38 grams in my luggage, according to my measurements, the iPad also loads just as quickly as the large Apple USB Klopper in the picture above. Also, the PowerPort III is better compatible with devices from other manufacturers, meaning: quick charging is possible.

Travel gadget for iPhone # 2: adapter plug for abroad

Traveling in other countries? Then you’d better check the travel guide to see if the plugs of the chargers for smartphones, digital cameras, etc. fit into the socket at the destination. Tip: Some cameras, external hard drives, and the like come with a cable for other countries – this can save an adapter. If not, pack the adapter! For a faraway holiday country, I bought a travel adapter with an integrated USB charging port: the MustWin universal travel plug. Qualitatively average, but practical and cheap. I often don’t need it, but sometimes it just doesn’t work without it. If you want to use a Schuko plug, take the Ansmann adapter:

Tip for owners of multiple cameras: A camera charger from Baxxtar * with charging cradles for different cameras. An additional US cable is sometimes included here. In newer models, the USB slot is sufficiently powerful (1 amp) for an iPhone (not an iPad).

Travel accessories for iPhone # 3: music on, aircraft noise off

On a plane, car, bus, or train, you prefer to dive into the realm of music with headphones with noise canceling. The AirPods Pro is a top tip for iPhone owners: The sound is good, the noise-canceling for such in-ear headphones at the highest level and space in the luggage they hardly need.

Apple AirPods Pro

If you only want to spend half as much, take the Libratone Track + Wireless. The in-ear plugs with noise cancellation are connected by a neck strap:
Warning: Libratone has filed for bankruptcy. You may not be able to make warranty claims.

Travel Gadget for iPhone # 4: Beam the Music Over!

Anyone traveling on a plane with Bluetooth headphones will soon encounter a problem: How does the sound of the airline entertainment program get to the listeners ?! There is also a solution for this: The Twelve South AirFly is plugged into the headphone jack of the seat and transmits the sound to AirPods and Co. via Bluetooth! Fortunately, most airlines are now allowed to leave Bluetooth on above the clouds.
By the way: In some aircraft, unfortunately, you still need an aircraft adapter for the jack plug.

Travel accessories for iPhone # 5: Case on the beach against water and sand

When it comes to the sea or camping, a robust protection solution for the iPhone makes sense. The waterproof case from Catalyst convinced me in the test, it is available for numerous iPhone models (picture above with the iPhone XR). Attention: Catalyst also offers cases without water protection. If this protection is too expensive for you: A cheap beach bag is often enough. Everyone has to decide which risk to take with it …

Cases and cases for iPhone SE 2, iPhone 8 and predecessors: These models will delight you

Travel accessories for iPhone # 6: the indispensable battery

The most important accessory for the trip is an additional battery – this was shown by our survey on Facebook. This is at least true for trips where the iPhone is used for navigation or is sometimes not near the socket. A small battery is enough for me, some need a powerful but heavier energy bar. The best-selling and good compromise for size, capacity, and the price is the Anker PowerCore 5000. If you are traveling with USB C (and even the above-mentioned USB-C charging plug), you should prefer the PowerCore Slim 10000 PD. It not only charges via USB A and C but can also be recharged quickly.

Travel accessories for iPhone # 7: memory stick for 4K frequent filmmakers

If you have often reached the memory limit of your iPhone or shoot space-consuming 4K videos, consider buying a USB stick with a Lightning connection for the trip. This is not only practical when you have to outsource videos, but also when you visit friends and have to surrender to the Apple universe for data transfers. However, you cannot outsource the many system data with iOS.

Travel gadget for iPhone # 8: With lens attachment to the fisheye

Owners of an iPhone 11 (Pro) have already installed an ultra-wide-angle in their smartphone. All others can trick with auxiliary lenses. The quality is often not particularly good, but they are cheap – so rather as a gimmick rather than a decent photography tool.
Bonus tip for the outdoor vacation – now it will be special …

If you are purely in the wilderness, you can use solar panels for power supply – or a special camping stove: The Campstove by BioLite (available from Amazon for just under 160 euros ) is heated with biomass and not only heats the pasta water. Thanks to the thermoelectric generator, it charges the smartphone via USB.

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