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ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ ultrawide gaming monitor review

Byjack jaan

Jul 27, 2021
ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ ultrawide gaming monitor review

What is the most important thing in your gaming arena? Of course, it is the monitor. Without a good display you cannot enjoy your viewing experience to the fullest, whether you are gaming or performing any other tasks. If you are looking to buy a good monitor for your gaming sessions, then take out your notebook and grab a pen. Because we are going to review a great Asus ultrawide gaming monitor for you guys. So, let us not waste anymore time and get right to it.

Rog Swift PG35VQ Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Rog Swift PG35VQ is a great ultrawide curved gaming monitor, which lets you experience more indulging and immersive gaming visuals. But does it really deliver what it promises? That, we’ll have to find out.


Let us get the display and screen out of the way first. It has a 35 inches display which gives you the resolution of 3440×1440 pixels. With an aspect ratio of 21:9, you can enjoy all your visuals larger than life on its curved screen. It gives you more field of view which can be a great thing to have, while you are playing competitive shooting games or open world games. The colours are absolutely sharp and realistic with smooth gradation, thanks to cinema-standard DCI-P3 colour gamut, provided by Quantum-dot technology. The brightness levels of 500 cd/㎡ seems great while you are sitting in a well-lit room or under the sun. It offers 178 degree viewing angles, which means you can enjoy the viewing pleasures no matter at what an your sitting from the display.

Refresh Rate and Response Time – ultrawide gaming monitor

The most important thing in a monitor, which can affect the smoothness of your visuals is the refresh rate and response time. The refresh rate is responsible for the smooth and fresh images you see on the screen. With 200Hz refresh rate you can enjoy all your viewing pleasures whether gaming or streaming, the right way. It makes all your in-game graphics look life-like. The quick response time of just 4ms means that you can play even the most fast-paced games on this monitor, in a carefree manner. It completely eliminates the ghosting effect and motion blur out of the equation.

G-Sync Technology

Sync technology is a very important thing to have in a monitor, if you want to use it for gaming purposes. It basically keeps the GPU and your display in contact with each other, so that the frames which are being pumped out by the GPU are met the right way, by your monitor. NVIDIA G-Sync makes sure the in-game graphics are free from any kind of interruption, like screen tearing and input lag. It combines really well with the other specs, so you get to play your games with great precision and accuracy.

Smart Fan Control

Now here is something you don’t see in most of the monitors. As this monitor has a backlight technology, which is powered by thousands of high-brightness LEDs. These require a lot of power and hence generate a good amount of heat. To dissipate this heat Asus has equipped this monitor with state of the are smart fan control. It consists of two fans working separately to vent the heat but don’t let you hear any noise at all.

Aura Sync

You will also find Aura Sync lights on the back of this monitor which surely styles it up. It can create the perfect aura for your intense gaming sessions. It looks good and works even better.

Final Verdict

Well, where do we start. The display of this phone is something really cool. You can enjoy the more panoramic view on the curved display. Plus, there are so many great features which can support your gaming lifestyle. Whether you play your games or stream movies, the visuals you see on the screen are smooth as silk. So, if you are looking to buy a good monitor for your gaming arena, then look no further. Make sure to visit Laptop Outlet and buy this one, or choose from a wide collection of ultrawide gaming monitors.

jack jaan
Author: jack jaan