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What Are the Best Rewarding Credit Cards for Online Shopping?


Sep 25, 2020
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Are you an avid online shopper? Chances are that if you are someone who shops regularly. You must be aware of the benefits that the best shopping credit cards bring you. What could be more satisfying than saving money? earning points while you are buying the things that you love online? Best shopping credit cards can give you the satisfaction of making wise financial decisions while shopping. If you pick the best credit card for online shopping? that suits your needs then you can take advantage of amazing deals and offers that are irresistible. And what’s more, is that along with these deals and offers? you get to earn points from your credit card provider, that you can redeem later on for fabulous rewards. 

Shopping Credit Cards

But be aware that these benefits, rewards, and deals are only worth it if you use the shopping credit cards wisely. If you only buy the things that you can afford. Needless to say, these rewards and offers are useless if you are paying interest and late payment charges on the credit card. So that being said, here are some of the best credit cards that you can use globally. That can bring you amazing rewards, deals, and offers across a wide range of online shopping websites

What are some of the Best Online Shopping Credit Cards?

1. Citi Double Cash Card

With the Citi Double Cash credit card, you can earn a 2% cashback on every single purchase that you make online. This card is considered to be the best credit card for online shopping by a plethora of users that avidly shop online regardless of any single specific use. The way that the cashback system works on this card is that you are given 1% cashback right at the time of purchase of the item that you want, and the other 1% is given when you pay the entire bill. The best thing about this card is that there is no exceptional category that this 2% cashback is applicable. You will receive the cash back on every single item that you purchase or payment that you make. 

2. Bank of America Cash Rewards Card

The Bank of America Cash Rewards Card is another credit card that has amazing cashback offers for its users. The special thing about this card is that it has no annual fee and it also has a bonus category, unlike the credit card mentioned above. You have the freedom to choose a bonus category, that could include any of your favorite online shopping portals, or even dining, drugstores, gas, etc. and you get 3% cashback on the bonus category that you select.

There is also a fixed 2% cashback for grocery related shopping and wholesale clubs that you get every single time that you use this card to purchase groceries from anywhere, but the catch is that you must make at least $2,500 worth of combined purchases every single quarter to get the cashback. If you are looking to get this card, then we would suggest that you use it only for online shopping because of the 3% cashback (which makes it the best online shopping credit card for bonus categories) and get another credit card for grocery-related shopping. 

3. Amex Platinum Card

In case you are someone who makes large purchases regularly, then you might be very interested in this card due to its purchase protection offers. This credit card offers one of the most generous purchase protection policies in the world. You can easily get up to $10,000 in coverage per occurrence and even up to $50,000 of coverage each year for stolen and damaged items or products. It is one of the best credit cards that you can get for security-related purposes.

The only thing that you must make sure of when using this card is to submit your claims within 90 days to receive the reimbursement through the credit card company. With this credit card, you will be able to get one point for every dollar that you spend. There are a huge number of travel benefits that come along with this shopping credit card but they come at a price which is a $550 annual fee. 

4. Ink Business Cash Credit Card

The Ink Business Cash Credit Card is perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners that use their credit card for online shopping of office supplies and other such professional equipment. It gives you a staggering 5% of cashback on your first $25,000 spent in total on various office-related supplies and pieces of equipment and even on other essential items and services such as your internet bills, cable bills, and even your phone services every year. Apart from the 5%. The cashback that you get on your office-related expenses, you also get an additional 2% cash back on the first $25,000 that you spend in total on various other things such as on gas and restaurants. One of the best things about this credit card for online shopping is that it comes with no annual fee whatsoever. 

5. Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

This credit also comes with no annual fee. There are also quite a lot of welcome offers that you can choose from based on what your preference is. The Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card gives you a 1.5% cashback on every kind of purchase or payment that you make. It also has a very long warranty period that exceeds the warranty period of the average U.S. Manufacturer by an additional year. You can pair this credit card along with others to get an incredible deal. whenever you shop online for multiple products.  

So there you have it, we have listed some of the best credit cards. you can choose for various online shopping purposes that suit your needs. Hope that you found this article to be helpful and informative. 

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