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Cheap iPads: Expert knows about Apple’s plans


Jun 7, 2020
Cheap iPads

With the new iPhone SE, Apple is also demonstrating a feel for price-sensitive customers. The manufacturer also wants to continue on this course with the iPad. A recognized expert could now gain knowledge of this.

The well-known Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo has always shown impressive marksmanship in the past, so you should listen carefully when making a new assessment. He is currently revealing the launch of new iPads, according to MacRumors’ colleagues. But what exactly and when can we expect something?

Apple’s Planning: Two New and Cheap iPads

Kuo speaks of a total of two different iPads, both of which should follow the successful product strategy of the new iPhone SE. Means: Inexpensive, in classic housing but with new innards, i.e. current processors. So you can count on a kind of price offensive for the new Apple tablets. Specifically, “will give:

iPad with a 10.8-inch display: This should replace the previous 7th generation model with a 10.2-inch screen – introduced in September 2019.
iPad mini with 8.5 to 9-inch display: The iPad mini with a 7.9-inch display also gets a successor. The current 5th generation model has been available since March 2019.
In the meantime, all iPads support the Apple Pencil (either 1st or 2nd generation), we show what it can do in the video:

Apple Pencil: functions of the pen.

You have to wait for this because an iPad from Apple is currently not foreseeable:

iPad buckles: Apple tablet revolution – this is how it could look like
When can we expect the Apple tablets?
However, the Apple expert provides information at the time of the product launch. Kuo reveals: In each case in the second half of the current and the first half of the following year, ie between July 2021 and June 2021. However, it is not yet clear to us which model will come first. The iPad mini has been available for half a year longer and should therefore actually be more on it. On the other hand, the normal-sized iPad should be the more important model for Apple – difficult.

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