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COORG-India Travel Journal

Byarjun singh

Jun 18, 2021

Coorg is located in the Karnataka region of southern India. A beautiful golf course famous for its espresso wood. Great. Many of your vacations are our most enjoyable situations. Coorg still has a large number of Hughageks. As far as I know, Kurugu is the safest and most polluted city. “The best place in my life.”

 *Let’s start our day*

 Imagine and see the road to happiness.

 After studying for a year, a friend and I want to travel. Just stay away from your daily life. Looking for several new places, looking forward to the day when you choose “COORG” and start your journey. It’s finally June 6, 2018. of course ! ! ! No doubt! This is our start date. I’m ready, always packed with luggage

 We want to stay 3 days. As there is no direct train, you have to take a train from Mysore Ti Ruchi La Pali and then take a taxi or car to Kurugu. There is no road traffic in Kurugu. It is 118 kilometers from Mysore. There are in 3 days. You need to take a train or taxi from Mysore Ti Ruchi Rapallo to Kurugu. Because soon there will be no trains. There is no road traffic in Kurugu. Mysore is 118 km away.

 1. St. Mikhail’s Church:

 “Here I will serve heaven.” This is a Catholic church surrounded by joy. It is close to the Coburg host family. The congregation seemed really used to it. I want to join the first English church. We carefully pray to God for our protected journey. The square is really different. When I walked out of the closet, I felt refreshed. The cross tower above is really cool.

 2. Coorg Cookery

 It is 1:30 PM. I thought it was 6 pm, whatever it was. night. The weather in Little Rain Dowers is too cold and light. Here, as an ordinary hotel, we rented a car and went to an accommodation called homestay in coorg with food, which sells various Coorg Food products. It is located on the first floor of a building with small rooms. Stop and enter the corridor when too many people are going. In each case, I move to the head table and sit down, which is the least vague idea. The boy came up to me and said: “Good mother, someone else already made an appointment, can you stay outside?” At that moment I laughed.

 Finally, “CHAPATHI, CHICKEN CURRY” is requested. And the GHEE RICE table “provides its unique food. This is a very beautiful tendency! They are mouth flowers. It freezes very hot. The strange taste of curry chicken has never appeared in my life. My boat is flat. We pay for its excellent tasting owner, and we appreciate it.

 3. Monastery Falls

 Coorg is going to visit ABBÉY FALLS, the next place with several waterfalls. It is the most famous waterfall in Madikeri and is visited by many people. Because of its simplicity and complexity. We show the ideal weather at 3pm. There is no root. The sun only shines on his face. Having small water in a cool environment is really fascinating. We went to the waterfall monastery. A lot of swells, fog and lush green mountains are added to the fields. This is a journey of opportunity.

 Finally, we entered the monastery hall. There are many people there. We charge 10 rupees for each toll and then follow most of the kilometers to reach the waterfall. Distance is established and maintained. When the waterfall approaches, the sound of the accident can be heard. I can’t wait to see him. But he ran very fast. It is also a nice surprise when you open your mouth. The water is white and cold, like vanilla frozen yogurt.

 4. La Jazz sheet music

At 5 pm. We went to Raja’s place. One of the most famous tourist attractions in Madikeri is Kurugu. I have seen a series of mountains high and low, full of manure.

 But we can’t recognize any of them. After a few days of bright sunshine, we became fussy. Zesty SweetCorn and CoorgCoffee are out of the park. It’s great to greet you in this pleasantly fragrant weather.

 5. Tarakaburi

 The next day, I decided to go to Tarakaburi. Carberry’s lecture began.

Bramagiripo is here. It is 1,276 m high. Because a heavy rain is about to begin our journey. In any case, now we feel very important and the smallest fear. Beautiful view of the Western Ghats. We don’t have the fuzziest idea of ​​where we’re going, but everyone along the way is willing.

 We observe all landscapes without blindly. Just go to the slope stations like Ooty, Darjeeling and Gaotai Canal. Because it is very useful! ! All rupees. I am paying 10 tons of Humbert. We took the shoes off the truck. I think this is the most sacred place for explorers. When I stepped on Tala Kaveri.

 Shrouded in the smoky snow scene, Standard couldn’t close his eyes. When it started to change, I entered little by little. There is a sanctuary. It is also close to the water source. The water is cold and clean. I really am

arjun singh
Author: arjun singh