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Covid-19: How Technology Is Assisting In Fighting


Jun 4, 2020
How Technology Is Assisting In Fighting

Our generation is experiencing critical times just from the very beginning of spring. The world is having to face the pandemic naming COVID 19. This pandemic is not only spreading uncertainty about the future but also posing psychological threats to the masses. People cannot meet each other due to quarantine. This social distancing is raising undeniable negative impact but also is essential to cope with the spread of this killer virus. But, this is the time to respond to an ineffective way to defeat this pandemic.

For this purpose, technology is assisting humanity. For instance, media is a briefing on how we can save our life while adopting a wholesome routine. Moreover, with the help of technology, students are taking online classes and saving their academic year to waste. Same as it is helping the economy through the IT sector to support the country’s revenue. Want to know more? Keep reading!

1. Assisting in Biomedical research

Many countries are trying to find the solution to this devastative pandemic with the help of biomedical machinery. Moreover, they are sharing their studies and samples with other country’s researchers to find the vaccine through technology. Similarly, they can also collect important and sensitive data related to diagnoses, geolocation, and surveillance to help them timely.

2. Helping in Searching and surveillance

Technology is assisting in monitoring the patient through technological applications. Some countries have offered to take and get information about COVID 19 through an app. This application briefs you about the symptoms and first aid, and also help ambulance to search you quickly and take to a particular ward.

3. Can get Diversified counseling

Due to COVID 19, people cannot move out of their home. Technology has introduced multiple applications. You can get yourself checked and take a prescription from a doctor without visiting through an online platform. Moreover, you can also defeat your anxiety, due to social distancing, while talking to a friend, psychologist, or any social media friend.

4. Providing Communication Facilities

No one is allowed to go outside due to health concerns. So, at these crucial times, technology is helping to collaborate through an online medium. We cannot only keep in touch with our belov4d but also can send them money through online transactions to meet essential commodities. Moreover, we can take assistance from our teachers to complete their assignments and projects on time. Same as we can seek help from a subject specialist to continue our research paper in this precarious situation as well.

5. Assisting Through Online Courses

We can make the most of this lots of time while joining free crash courses. Many academics and organizations have offered free online courses. You can increase the worth of your resume by getting yourself enrolled. Moreover, it will also help you to learn new skills and to earn money from this in the future. Be remember; this opportunity is only in quarantine for the sake of humanity from organizations to produce productive people for the near future because these productive people and their skills will help to cope with the future threats related to the economy.

6. Helping To Create Resistance

This is a tremendous favor from technology to stop the spread of this pandemic as we know that multiple network providers offer free packages to keep people at home. Like, we all keep watching our favorite serial and movies in quarantine and avoid to go out due to online assistance. Moreover, this is also helping people to reduce anxiety factors due to long social distancing, especially in children. They can keep playing games and stay safe at home due to online games.

7. Producing Entrepreneurs

The world economy is facing a decline due to less consuming power. People are not earning enough to meet their demands than usual. All industries, the rest of some, are closed and posing severe impacts on the world economy. At this time, the world needs more entrepreneurs. What to do? Visit the website of Essay writing services Australia to know tips and tricks to start your business with less investment. You can also teach your skill through online mediums. For instance, you can teach gardening, cooking, computer skills, dress designing, painting, research skills, etc.

8. Assisting Government To Manage Data

Technology is helping the government to collect and compile data regarding different countries’ cases. So that they can take measures to cope with it accordingly. For instance, Italy did not obey government policies regarding social distancing and faced devastative consequences. With the help of social media, all countries watched and shared Italy’s data regarding deaths to aware of their public. This increase the fear and concerns in society and they started to obey the policies.

9. To Test The Symptoms

Technology is also helping humanity while testing. We are testing symptoms of this pandemic and using biomedical technology to save patient life. A patient needs unique; room, and particular types of machinery. Moreover, technology is assisting in finding a vaccine and making medicines to keep people safe from harmful impacts.

10. Use Of Drones

Drones are helping to spray the particular solution to purify the air from a virus for specific times. Moreover, drones are helping to deliver food, medicine and other essential things in the affected city, because people cannot be sent there to provide these things. Technology is also presenting its decisive role to deliver breathing equipment for COVID 19 patients. This equipment pushes oxygen towards the lungs, so the patient does not have to force his respiratory system. This is the most critical delivery from drones.

11. Bluetooth-Based Networking Signals

This system has introduced to track the spread of disease. So that, we can counter it accordingly through particular measures. The usage of this technology is massive in China and Ghana but launched in multiple countries. Moreover, they have introduced biometric bracelets. It helps to track potential cases of COVID 19 and reduce the spread of disease. This device collects data with the help of skin temperature, breathing rate, and heart rate.

12. Robot As A Medical Staff

The pandemic also hit paramedical staff due to a more unsafe environment for them. Because they cannot leave patients and had to put their life at risk, for this solution, China deployed robots in their quarantine camps and hospitals as paramedical staff to save doctors’ life from the virus. Robot not only helped to provide food and monitor the health of patients but also perform ultrasound scans. Italy, the epicenter of COVID 19, made the most of this technology.

13. Social Sites Curb Fake News

Social media is assisting humanity from panic. You can see multiple channels and social platforms to verify the news related to death ratio etc. So, you can take proactive measures that can convert your quarantine into productive time while saving your brain from the impact of fake news. Moreover, Google has taken a step against it, as well. It blockades the multiple sites and adds which were spreading panic and selling depression. Similarly, Facebook took the initiative against them while banning the ads of a mask, because it was increasing prices.

14. Media help while censorship

Censorship is controversial, but at the COVID 19 times, it played a decisive role. Various countries’ governments controlled their media regarding affected and death statistics. It was positive because it was nit creating panic among the public. But, it was also posing some harmful effects because people were not taking it seriously, as we saw in Italy. Then after that, they started to follow the government rules and regulations. The censor was started at the very beginning of the outbreak, but after seeing the public behavior, governments decided to show the real picture. Especially in China, it was censored and give warnings to multiple channels to cope with it.

15. It sector as the backbone

The economy of the world is in an unsafe condition. But, it, all around the world, is supporting the people through their online workers. People are not only earning enough money at this unemployment condition but also generating more online vacancies through different platforms. You can post ads, write blogs, teach online, etc. Its sector is supporting the stock exchange and reducing the adverse impact on the economy. Moreover, it is generating opportunities as well.

16. Role of applications

In the quarantine, mobile applications are saving academic year through online classes. Zoom application is beneficial to conduct the class. Not only teachers but also students are taking benefits from an online platform, but also parents can check their children’s ‘academic records. Moreover, teachers are not even taking assessments through quizzes and assignments from students bit also counseling them in a critical situation through online collaboration.


COVID 19 has taken devastative impacts on the world. Not only has its economy affected but also the psychologies of humanity. People do not want to stay in homes for a long time, but it is also essential for their selves. Technology is helping to keep them in the house through multiple unlimited and free net packages. Similarly, technology is assisting in the medical sector through robots as paramedical staff and drones also delivering food in affected areas. On the other hand, teachers and students are making the most of mobile apps to continue their academic year. Technology is playing positive at this critical time and saving humanity through supporting the economy through its sector as well.

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