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7 Elements That Affect the Engagement of Your Content in Social Media: How to Boost Social Media Sharing of Your Video Content

BySophia Loren

Nov 9, 2022

One of the most widely used media formats on the internet is video content. It can be a fantastic way to advertise your company because it is interesting and entertaining. However, you must ensure that it is widely shared on social media if you want your video content to be successful.

We will go over seven factors that have an impact on how video content is shared on social media in this blog post. The success of your video content is greatly influenced by the production of social media videos.

7 Elements That Affect Social Media Engagement

Here are the top seven elements that will affect how well your video content does on social media.

Your Natural Following

A potent tool for promoting video content is social media. However, if they are not already interested in the subject, it can be challenging to persuade viewers to share your videos. Here’s where natural followers come into play. These are individuals who have previously shown an interest in the kind of content you create.

You can significantly increase the number of people who view and share content like your pictures and videos by directing your content toward this demographic. Additionally, organic followers are more likely to be interested in your brand and share it on social media more frequently. They ought to be acknowledged as one of the essential components of social media marketing as a result.

Your Social Media Posts’ Format

It’s crucial to think about the format of your social media posts when attempting to increase the social media sharing of your video content. A post that is properly formatted will have a catchy headline, an interesting image, and a call to action. The headline should be succinct and easy to understand, and it should encourage viewers to watch the video.

The image should be appropriate for the various social media platforms and pertinent to the video content. The post should include a clear and concise call to action that is prominently displayed.

What Frequency Do You Post?

When it comes to sharing on social media, consistency is crucial. If viewers are aware that new content will be added frequently, they are more likely to share and interact with your videos. Maintain a regular posting schedule and adhere to it. Additionally, this will keep your audience interested and involved.

When You Post, Please

Timing is equally as crucial for social media sharing as consistency. Your videos have a better chance of being seen and shared if you post at the right time. Take into account your followers’ time zones as well as the times when they are most likely to be active on social media.

Also, take into account how current your content is. Posting about current affairs or popular culture can boost social media interaction and shares. For instance, posting a video about the most recent iPhone release sooner rather than later is probably going to boost its performance.

The Enhancement of Your Posts

It must be simple to access for your audience to share content from your brand on social media. Make sure the links in your posts are active and take readers straight to the video. Additionally, use hashtags and tagged the appropriate accounts to tailor your posts to each individual platform.

The Tone of Voice

It’s crucial to think about your voice and tone when promoting your video content on social media. Your posts’ level of engagement and sharing may be significantly impacted by this.

In your social media posts, take into account using a conversational tone. This may increase the relatability and approachability of your brand, which may encourage more people to share your video content.

Use language that is appropriate for the platform and your intended audience as well. Keep your social media posts consistent with your brand’s tone and style, if it has one. This will support the development of your brand’s distinctive identity and voice.

How Much Does Your Content Apply?

It must be pertinent to and useful to your audience for your video content to be shared on social media. Create video content that speaks to the interests or issues that your audience may have.

Find ways to differentiate your content from similar content that may already be trending on social media. This can raise the probability that more people will share and view your content. For instance, if a subject has numerous videos already, think about presenting it from a unique angle or including fresh information.

How to Increase Your Engagement On Social Media

It’s time to improve your engagement now that you are aware of the elements that can influence how your video content is shared on social media.

Keep A Close Eye On Your Follower Growth

Examine your follower growth carefully on each social media site to check for patterns or spikes. This can assist you in identifying the content and posting techniques that are most effective at attracting new followers.

To monitor your follower growth and evaluate the effectiveness of your posts, think about using analytics tools. One thing to keep in mind is that having a large following does not always translate into active engagement and content sharing. Focus on producing informative content and keeping a regular posting schedule to draw interested followers naturally.

Examine Your Impressions Statistics

Look at the statistics for your impressions on each social media site. This can help you understand how many people are actually viewing your content and identify the kinds of content that have a wider audience. Even if they didn’t interact with it or share it, some people may have still seen it and may have been affected by it.

To find out what resonates with your audience and boosts your impressions, try experimenting with various content types and posting techniques. Remember that your impressions may vary depending on the day and time you post. Try posting at various times to see which is most effective for your audience.

Take A Look at Your Engagement Metrics.

On each social media platform, take a look at your engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares. This can help you determine what kinds of content are engaging your audience and encouraging interaction.

Many brands concentrate on boosting their follower count, but engagement is equally important to keep in mind. A strong community can be built and a more intimate connection with your brand can be achieved by interacting with your followers and encouraging them to interact with your content. To increase engagement, think about including questions in your posts, answering comments, and sharing user-generated content.

Add More Images to Your Posts.

Videos and photos that are visually appealing typically perform better on social media. Think about including more visual components in your posts, such as sharing videos or including eye-catching images. Making your content more aesthetically pleasing increases the likelihood that it will be shared.

Additionally, including images in your posts can help break up text and make your material more aesthetically pleasing and simple to read. Remember that the quality of your visuals is also crucial, so use only the best photos and videos.

More Video Sharing

Videos have a greater chance of becoming popular online and being shared on social media. Think about sharing more videos on your social media pages and including them in your content strategy. Conversions could result from directing viewers to your website or landing page via your videos.

It’s important to remember that not all videos are created equally. Make sure you’re producing worthwhile, high-quality content that connects with and benefits your audience. Consider the popular trends and current events among your audience as social factors in marketing also play a part.

Insert Infographics

Information can be shared in an engaging and simple way with infographics. Think about including them in your content strategy and disseminating them online.

By doing so, you not only improve engagement but also position your company as a thought leader in your field. Make sure the infographics you produce are useful, accurate, appealing to the eye, and simple to understand.

Develop Your Own Brand’s Voice

Developing a distinctive brand voice can make your content easier to recognize and remember. Your content is much more likely to be shared by followers who identify with your brand.

Think about defining your brand’s personality as well as the principles and voice you want to convey in your content. Your content creation will become more consistent and can be guided by this.


You can increase the social media sharing of your video content and raise audience engagement by putting these strategies into practice. Try out various strategies to determine which ones work best for your brand, and keep an eye on your metrics to see how these changes affect your metrics.

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