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Furniture Wood is Good or Not – How to Know?

ByDavid Sad

Sep 22, 2021
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There are thousands of types of trees on our earth, and hundreds of types of wood are used for furniture, etc.

Evergreen green trees (which do not have deciduous) their woods are suitable for furniture, trees which fall once a year, their wood is not suitable for furniture, furniture able woods are divided according to their density, mainly in three parts has been divided.

High-density wood is best for making furniture ( rattan dining sets ). Woods like rosewood, deodar, tick, mulberry, jackfruit, etc. are best for furniture, the furniture made from them lasts for decades without rot, without rot, carving, enamel, stone inlay, etc. are also done on these woods.

In these woods after cut from the forest. The method of seasoning lasts for months or even years, after the method of seasoning, the wood is divide into different grades according to their quality. First-grade wood is of high quality, longevity, expensive, and is best for high-quality furniture. Low-grade woods are cheaper in comparison.

Much low-density wood is use for making packing material, cable drums, etc., but it is not use for making furniture. This wood has a short life and gets destroye rapidly over time.

Technology has introduced the third type of wood. It is know as manufactured wood. in this way

  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF),
  • 2. plywood,
  • 3. Oriented Strand Board (OSB),

Etc., wood made in factories is use for making furniture. Manufacture wood is use especially for double beds, wall panels, wardrobes, floor panels, etc.

Nowadays, the use of water, termite, and fire-resistant plywood (waterproof, termite proof, fireproof) Greenply is becoming the first choice of people for home interior design and making special types of furniture. These woods are very easy to polish and are largely maintenance-free.

In order to save money on all these types of wood or plywood in the market, fake and second-grade wood sell indiscriminately. It is somewhat difficult to identify the ‘real and the fake’, it requires knowledge and experience to identify the real one. You can work by gathering the information of a particular wood according to the need from the internet etc.

The country of India is like a sub-division, the wood which is available or prevalent in your area. You use that wood to make your furniture. One important thing must be keep in mind, all the shortcomings of wood. such as lump, fake, torn wood are unsuitable for furniture, many times people use these woods to make furniture and it is hide in polish, so furniture Make sure to check the quality of the wood used in making it before polishing it.

Whatever wood or plywood you choose, keep a small piece of it with you as a sample before starting work. Upon completion of construction. and before polishing, match the wood of your furniture with the piece you have, this will prevent the carpenter from making mistakes.

Lastly, the most commonly used wood in the making of furniture is teak wood. Information about him:

Teak wood:

Teak is durable, fire-resistant. We can polish it fine and this wood doesn’t get rottet by white ants and dry or damp. It don’t be spoil the iron nails use in the furniture. It is one of the most valuable timber trees in the world. and it is limitable and only to fine works.

Teak furniture The picture after the furniture is make and before the polish. can give us accurate information about the quality of the wood.

Rattan Material:

Rattan is a type of furniture material that is use for wicker weaves. It is a naturally growing vine-like species that is native to tropical regions of Australia, Asia, and Africa. For production use, the skin is peel away and utilized for weaving purposes. Oftentimes, the core is not waste and finds use for different types of furniture.

Rattan furniture is make by high-quality material. Which helps to stay furniture for a long time. You can take rattan garden furniture for your garden, it will give you an adorable look to your garden place.

David Sad
Author: David Sad

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