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Mar 23, 2022
Galaway wifi extender setup

Galaway wifi extender setup Almost every building in which people dwell nowadays has a wireless network. In this day and age, having a WIFI signal everywhere has become critical, and no one can envision their lives without it. Furthermore, in today’s world, people’s life revolves around gadgets that require internet access. We can now do everything online, from streaming our favorite movie to schooling, employment, and flight booking, and all we need is a strong internet connection.

We also require a wireless network at every location where we are. It is no longer sufficient to have a wireless signal in a specified location at home or at work. As a result, we employ WIFI EXTENDER to extend the signal because it is the most effective technique to expand the network throughout your house or office. 

GALAWAY WIFI EXTENDER is the best version of the extender since it extends and distributes the wireless network signal to any place where the router signal cannot reach. Also, because they are inexpensive, having a WIFI EXTENDER at home has become very popular.


The installation of a GALAWAY WIFI EXTENDER not always simple. However, even if you have no prior experience with networking, you will discover a really simple way to set this up after reading this article.


The most crucial thing to discuss placement first and foremost. This significant since it helps you to improve your network’s performance and disseminate the WIFI SIGNAL over a large region. Both the router and the GALAWAY WIFI EXTENDER installed in this location.

Due to the number of rooms in your home and workplace, you may need to be a little creative in order to pick the optimal location. Priority should always given to the most crucial places where the wireless signal most likely to be required.


If you want to determine whether the network range in your house or office is adequate. To do so, you must walk around your house with your phone, checking the signal. After then, you should pose a simple question to yourself.

Is my router in the best possible spot? Some recommendations recommend placing the router in the centre of your home or business. But this isn’t always the greatest option. Because of this, the router should placed where it will benefit the most people. The areas where people have the least need The GALAWAY WIFI RANGE EXTENDER can then used to serve the WIFI SIGNAL.

When deciding where to put the wifi EXTENDER, keep in mind that it will require an electrical outlet. The simplest way to do this is to locate a wall power outlet between the ROUTER and the WIFI SIGNAL. If this isn’t possible, a power extension socket can used.

WIFI signal broadcasting

People who live in multistory flats have a problem with WIFI and ROUTERS. The router on one floor. While the other floor may have multiple wifi signal dead zones. A WIFI extender fixes this problem, but it takes some ingenuity to position it in the best location for efficient WIFI signal broadcasting. WIFI signals can considerably weakened by building materials, especially over long distances. As a result, the WIFI extender should placed right above the WIFI router in order for it to receive a strong WIFI signal and disseminate it throughout the floor it serves.

Items that impair WIFI signals another crucial factor to consider when placing your GALAWAY EXTENDER. Many individuals unaware that some items in the home or at work can dramatically disturb WIFI signals. Huge metal objects, large mirrors, and electrical gadgets such as refrigerators, ovens, and baby monitors all known to interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

Need Wi-Fi extenders

When it comes to optimising the position of your ROUTER and EXTENDER. You should constantly be aware of these issues and try to avoid them if at all possible. Its generally recommended to decluttering unnecessary items, especially those that large in size. However, because WIFI signals can flow through walls, do not compromise the architectural integrity of your home in the name of allowing WIFI signals to pass through.

Officers need Wi-Fi extenders for a variety of reasons, including access to networked devices like printers. Some large printers in a separate room or at the far end of the corridor. They may not get adequate Wi-Fi signals, necessitating the use of an extender. If this the case, the EXTENDER should placed between the ROUTER and the printer or other device with the clearest line of sight.

The GALAWAY WIFI EXTENDER has the advantage of not requiring a cable to connect to the power outlet. They are cordless, which means they plug into a standard wall outlet. This keeps it in place without causing unwanted movement and gives it a tidy appearance. They’re also unremarkable because they’re little.


To set up the GalawayWifi Extender, follow the steps below:


This largely dependent on whether or not your router has a WPS button. The acronym WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This feature now available on almost all current routers. It’s an arrow-labeled button that looks like a yin and yang symbol. In comparison to the other possibilities, it provides for a faster and more direct procedure.

Initially, both the router and the extension must configured using the WPS button. The extension will then display a solid green light, indicating that it has established a connection with the router.


An Ethernet wire required to utilize the GALAWAY WIFI EXTENDER.

  • Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the extender and the other to a laptop or PC on the same network as the router.
  • Then, in a browser window, insert the IP address of the extender device you’re configuring: The IP address printed in the device’s instruction manual.
  • After that, follow the on-screen directions to set up the network name and security using the login credentials provided.
  • When there a significant distance between the router and the WIFI dead spot. In addition. If you want Wi-Fi in your garden, you should consider using the Ethernet wire after the initial setup. The cable links the router and the extender, allowing the extender to broadcast WIFI signals at the new area.


This step that most individuals like to take once they’ve completed the previous steps:

  • To begin, unpack your gadget and connect it in. Make sure you do it in the same room as your router.
  • Then turn on the power and give the extender the time till the green power Led light solid green. If it’s still blinking, don’t go any farther.
  • After that, turn on Wi-Fi on your laptop, phone, or computer. Connect to this Wi-Fi by looking for the name of your new GALAWAY EXTENDEDR in the Wi-Fi list.
  • Now, in your phone or laptop, open a browser window and type the IP address listed in the instruction booklet.
  • A login screen will now appear, and you can log in using the credentials listed in the instructions. Both the username and password for GALAWAY devices will be admin. Please check the instruction manual for confirmation.

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