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How to make a request and get a refund online?

BySuzanne Shanks

Aug 31, 2021
Norton antivirus renewal refund

People use various types of applications on the system. These apps are used for certain tasks. For free apps, users can find the setup on the web and download them easily. Whereas, when the user needs advanced features, he has to purchase the program鈥檚 subscription. The user gets the subscription for a time. He can run all its services reliably.

After the expiry, the user has to renew the license. Some applications have the auto-renewal service where the subscription renews automatically. The user has to provide the bank details for enabling auto-renewal. But many times, the user didn鈥檛 want the renewal but billing occurs and the plan gets auto-renewed.

In that case, the user can check the application for its refund policy. Many of the apps provide refunds of yearly plans.聽

Cancel your auto-renewal to get a refund

Before applying for the refund; the user should check the policy. Users can apply for a refund only within a few days of auto-renewal. When your subscription is under a refund policy then you can apply for a Norton antivirus renewal refund easily.

  1. Open program鈥檚 website
  2. You will see the My Account button
  3. Go to the Account and tap on Login
  4. Provide the credentials of your account
  5. The profile page will appear
  6. Go to the subscription window
  7. Users will get the running plan
  8. Select the plan and hit the Cancel button
  9. Now the user will get the refund wizard
  10. Tap on the wizard and hit on Confirm 

When you confirm the refund, the plan will expire. The user will receive a refund confirmation message. Now you can鈥檛 access any of the premium tools of your program. The user will get his refund within a few days.

Cancel the app subscription within 15 days of purchase

Many times, the user gets the program but doesn鈥檛 like its features. When the tool is not up to your expectations then you can cancel it and then ask for a refund. You won鈥檛 get this refund policy on monthly subscription plans.

But most of the yearly subscriptions have a refund policy. Some programs offer full refunds whereas others provide a certain percentage of refunds. Read all the details for a refund and then proceed to apply.

  1. Go to the program鈥檚 website
  2. Select the My Profile option 
  3. Enter the credentials of your account
  4. Open the Profile page
  5. Click on the subscription button
  6. Select Cancel button

The user will get the Refund page. Check the page and select the confirm button. You have to provide the reason for cancelling the subscription. After entering the reason, select the confirm button. Now the subscription will be cancelled and users can no longer use the tools. You will also get the refund mail. 

Disable your auto-renewal

If you don鈥檛 want the license to get renewed automatically; cancel its subscription. Users should cancel it days before the expiry otherwise the plan will get renewed and then you have to apply for a refund. Don鈥檛 worry about the remaining days on the program. The user can easily access the tools until expiry even after cancelling the subscription. 

  1. Open the application
  2. Go to its settings page
  3. Select the subscription window
  4. Users will see all the plans
  5. Choose the plan and hit on Cancel

Click on the Confirm button and the subscription will be cancelled. Again, open your subscription page. Check the plan and now you will see the date of plan expiry. Users can easily access the tools of his program until that day. 

User free trial programs

When you haven鈥檛 run any tools of the program yet; go for the trial plan. Many programs have a free trial service where you can run the premium tools without paying. Some programs have no card-details service. You can install and run the premium tools for a few days (like 15 days). If you like the services, you can purchase the plan after 15 days. In case you don鈥檛 like it the plan will expire after 15 days.

Many applications provide a free trial after entering the card details. You have to provide billing details and then use the program for free for 15 days. If you don鈥檛 like the features, cancel the plan within the trial period and no payment will be held. But if you didn鈥檛 cancel it, the payment will appear after completing the free trial service.

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