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How Does a Queue Management System Work

ByAlexander William

Jul 28, 2022
Queue Management System

So, how does a queue management system work? You’ve probably heard of FIFO and LIFO, but how do they relate? What are the benefits and disadvantages of both? The answer to this question is an interesting one – both of them have their benefits. But which one is best for your business? Let’s explore these topics in this article. Afterwards, you’ll know how queue management software works.


First-in-first-out (FIFO) queue management is the most popular approach to managing wait times. This strategy is fair to customers. A recent survey found that 27% of consumers experienced annoyance and/or arguments with fellow shoppers while queuing. Queue fairness influences the perception of waiting time. The average wait time for a given product is approximately three minutes longer if the queue is too long.

This system works by allocating resources to each message. A message is place in a queue in order of priority. The first message in a queue assign to the highest priority. All other messages deliver to the next-lowest priority. Using this method allows consumers to assure that their initial delivery is performed in the same FIFO order as when the message was enqueued. Redeliveries and acknowledgements, as well as other consumer behaviour, can affect subsequent deliveries.

LIFO – Queue Management System

An LIFO queue management system is a great way to manage customer queues for a variety of applications. For instance, banks often have long wait times for banking services. A queue management system for banks can help them achieve customer appreciation by reducing the time customers must spend in line. The system works in a variety of business settings, including retail stores, healthcare facilities, and more. To learn more about the LIFO system, read on.

A queue may have many unfinished tasks, but the consumer thread can only process a single item at a time. This means that it may call task done() several times before the job mark done. A single call to task done() results in an unblocking condition for other threads, so the consumer thread may continue processing the next item. In order to prevent this condition from occurring, the producer thread must synchronize its time with the consumers’ clocks.

Cloud-Based Hosting Technology

Queue Management systems use the cloud-based hosting technology to help customers join the queue without physically visiting the location. The software also allows authorized managers to track live queue status. Queue management systems allow users to monitor queue status, and they enable businesses to optimize customer experience. The real-time statistics help businesses determine when additional staff members are needed and how to make them more effective. Cloud-based Queue Management systems help businesses make the most of the power of the cloud and help them maximize their returns on investment.


A software-based queue management system (QMS) helps businesses to better manage their crowds and serve customers more efficiently. This queue management system measures customer demand and informs staff in real-time. It counts the number of customers waiting, the length of time they’ve been waiting, and can raise alerts at predetermined levels. Combined with algorithms and real-time footfall data, it allows businesses to respond quickly to the demands of customers, reducing the amount of time customers spend waiting.

When selecting a queue management system, ease of use should always come first. Training employees can be costly, so look for an intuitive and easy-to-use system. The queue management system should also integrate with third-party applications, such as appointment booking systems. Integrated calendars, for instance, will allow you to sync your customers’ schedules with the system.

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