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How Effective Are UV Mask at Stopping Corona virus?

ByJohn Paul

Aug 6, 2021
How Effective Are UV Masks at Stopping Corona virus

Well, wearing a mask cannot help in stopping the corona virus but if wear you wear a mask regularly then it can help to reduce the transmission of the virus from one person to another. Once everyone wears the mask it will reduce the transfer of the virus and it can stop the community spread that is the most crucial thing to avoid the infection of corona virus. UVMask is one of the biggest innovations that use UV-C light, which can kill off bacteria and viruses with ease. UV Mask, a face mask that has a built-in UV-C filter. It is one of the safest masks right now.

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How do the different types of masks work?

Medical masks:

Well, the medical and surgical masks are the same. The surgical mask is the most common mask used by all healthcare workers because they are a loose-fitting disposable mask. These masks are used to protect the wearer from the small droplets or sprays that may contain germs. The medical mask can also filter large particles that come along with air when you breathe.

N95 mask:

The N95 is a type of respirator mask. It can prevent the wearer from both large and small particles when they inhale which the regular medical mask does not do. Well, like medical masks the N95 masks are also disposable masks but the researchers are finding ways to make them reusable masks. The N95 masks are fitted with an outer valve that will make it easy for the wearer to breathe. 

Cloth mask:

Well, the cloth mask is used to prevent others from droplets of the wearer while they speak, sneeze, and cough. Not only it prevents others from wearer but it also protects the wearer from inhaling those droplets released by others. If you want an effective cloth mask then get a mask with multi-layer and is made of cotton. 

How to get the most from your mask:

If you want to make your cloth or medical mask effective then try to make the mask cover all your face and there should not be any air gap while wearing them.

If you feel that the warm air is coming when you breathe out that means that there is no air gap in your mask. Well, if your mask has a bendable nose strip then it can prevent air from leaking out from your nose bridge. One thing to keep in mind is that many people use multiple masks to protect themselves from the transmission of the virus but you are finding difficulties in breathing then remove the other extra mask. 

Here are some steps that you should follow while putting your mask on and off:

  • Maintain proper hand washing before and after you wear a mask.
  • Try to cover your mask over your mouth, nose, and chin.
  • Make sure that you do not wear a loose mask.
  • Do not touch your mask while you wear them.
  • If you accidentally touch your mask with your bare hands, then remember to sanitize your hand.
  • When you remove your mask, do not touch the front of the mask, use the ear loops to remove your mask.
  • If you have a cloth mask then always wash them after every use, wear a clean mask.

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