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How much do you know about Bitcoin, Blockchain and other cryptocurrencies?


Nov 3, 2019

Just as a few years ago the ransomware took over all the media and was the owner in almost all the news, in the last months the cryptocurrencies, and the attacks associated with them, have become the champions of almost all the technology events and without a doubt, they are Giving a talk.

Today, cryptocurrencies are no longer just money used anonymously in the online market, as it was believed until a few years ago, but they have become part of the financial transactions of many companies and investors. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the International Security Council Neustar revealed that 80% of companies are interested in using cryptocurrencies to make transactions. Even 48% of those who participated consider that the use of cryptocurrencies could represent an added value that contributes to generating greater profits. To have an even larger dimension of the magnitude of the issue, it is important to note that some countries have already developed their own digital currencies.

The world economy is changing and this new form of digital money is definitely here to stay.

On the other hand, the technology behind Bitcoin (and many other currencies) is so powerful that it can not only be used for financial transactions, but for all types of decentralized operations that require a high level of trust. This makes the blockchain, the new favorite of researchers and pioneers of new technologies. Understanding its operation and potential is key to new developments.

However, as with each new technology, more and more cybercriminals use different deceptions and tools to seek to seize digital money. This forces us as users to be alert and to know the security measures that we must adapt, either to prevent them from stealing our money or being victims of deception that eventually provide the attacker with our resources, as in the case of cryptojacking.

As we always say, the first step is education. In this sense, it is important that people understand basic concepts such as cryptography, which refers to a technique used as part of blockchain security, the operation of bitcoin transactions and the security measures that we must implement when of operating

Next, we propose a test so you can evaluate how much you know about bitcoin, blockchain and some other cryptocurrencies. Remember that in the links of this post and in our eezybc, the portal you will find all the information you need to prepare for the test.

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