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How Social Media Influences custom rigid boxes Design?

Custom Rigid Packaging

You may find a product packaging in the trash after the consumer tore it off, but this cannot change the fact that the impact of packaging is way more significant than it seems. That’s why we often come across viral social media posts of novel products with consumers drooling over their packaging. The reasons are either the packaging design embraces a certain fad, or it looks astonishingly different from the average product container.
Nevertheless, it’s essential to produce high-quality containers or packaging with an enticing design that instantly appeals to the target customers. And since you are surely going to market your product on social platforms, aim for the trending spots. This will greatly improve brand awareness, and consequently, sales. custom rigid boxes

The Profound Impact of Packaging Design and the Power of Social Media

Before we shed light on the techniques that make packaging designs go viral, let’s accentuate social media’s role in allowing brands to develop an attractive design.
Social media is now an integral part of the customer journey. People don’t just use it to view and share personal experiences but also broadcast their stories pertaining to new discoveries, including newly launched products. Leading brands frequently use this user-generated content to reach out to a vast audience in a bid to grow their sales and revenue.
Influencer posts are another evidence of how effective user-generated content help businesses propel in the right direction. Since influencers are deemed more authentic than Hollywood stars, letting them endorse your product feels more natural. Now, this is something consumers expect from brands.
But that’s not all. Social media has also introduced a lot of new packaging design trends and aesthetics, and minimalism is one of them. Influencers, too, love to latch on to such trends in order to boost their following. And brands follow in their footsteps. They wholeheartedly embrace the minimalist packaging design concept to wow their audience that surfaces on the internet in search of new products.
Additionally, the filters used on these platforms’ content often become a craze. Rainbow and unicorn filters are few popular examples. And understandably, Kellogg’s introduced its limited-edition unicorn cereal at the peak of this trend. Starbucks also joined the club by launching Unicorn Frappuccino.
These are not the only ways social media has helped change the packaging design. For this reason, it is imperative to study social media’s behavior prior to designing your custom rigid boxes or other packaging solutions.
Viral Packaging Design Examples
Here we have rounded up the viral packaging design examples that have made a profound mark in our memories.

Rigid boxes Packaging that Tells a Tale

Besides mimicking trendy filters, packaging that conveys a story is another viral-worthy approach. It instantly develops an affinity with consumers, particularly the ones that shop online. Since they don’t have the luxury to feel and touch the product, the packaging is the only way to make an instant positive impression that they will cherish for a long time. And a compelling story does exactly that. Read more the uk times.


The primary goal of retro-futurism is to evoke feelings of anticipation and nostalgia at once. It could be an amalgamation of minimalist logos and retro-inspired font style. This particular style can appeal to millennials, who have seen numerous brands change their bright and bold logos to simpler and sharper. Take Google, for instance.
In the end, one should keep in view that these trends may not be what one expects, so it’s better to play safe and stay on the minimalist side because it is patronized by many. Or try to be brave and use luxury custom rigid boxes to pay homage to the past. In brief, whatever packaging solution or design you may choose, strive to make a strong statement with it.

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