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How to cancel auto-renewal service, and claim a refund?

BySuzanne Shanks

Jul 3, 2021
McAfee refund

Premium applications provide a subscription to the users. You can purchase the license and then use those programs on the device. If you can’t purchase a license check for free programs. Many free programs also provide good features. But when you need advanced tools on the device; get the subscription. You can get these subscriptions on a monthly or yearly basis. After the subscription finishes, the user has to renew it. Renewing your program will extend the services of your tool. On monthly plans, users often prefer the auto-renewal feature. Using auto-renewal will prevent the expiry of your license. The auto-renewal will get the payment from your provided email address. This renewal process won’t stop until the user cancels it. Many times, the user removes the setup from the device but forgets to cancel the auto-renewal. If you haven’t cancelled the subscription then the plan will get renewed. The user must cancel the auto-renewal of his program.

Cancelling auto-renewal service of your program

When you are not using the program, cancel the auto-renewal. Users should cancel this service days before the expiry date. It will ensure that the program will not renew anymore. Users can cancel the subscription of his program from the account. 

  1. Open the browser and search for program’s website
  2. Open the main page on the website and tap on the Login button
  3. Type the credentials of his program
  4. You will see the homepage of your program
  5. Choose the subscription page
  6. Select your license
  7. Tap on the Cancel button
  8. The program will send you a confirmation wizard
  9. Tap on the Yes button

After subscription cancellation, check the left subscription days. You can still access the features of your program until that date. After the expiry date, it will not renew.

Cancelling the subscription after auto-renewal

If you have forgotten the cancellation of auto-renewal and the plan gets renewed; cancel it now. Many of the programs have refund services. If the user doesn’t require the program anymore; he can cancel the subscription and get his refund. But not all programs provide refunds. If the program gets renewed then check its website for the refund policy. Most of the software programs have a 15 or 30 days refund policy. When you cancel the subscription within these days, you can claim a McAfee refund. After checking the details, if your program is under auto-renewal then cancel it immediately.

  1. Open the browser and go to program’s official site
  2. Login to your account
  3. Tap on the subscription button
  4. Check your renewed plan
  5. Select Cancel button
  6. You will get a refund confirmation message
  7. Tap on the Yes button
  8. Check the details for your refund

Tap on the confirm button and the program will expire. Now the user can’t use the premium features on his device. When the refund is not available and the plan gets auto-renewed; you should still cancel the subscription to prevent further renewal. Users can use the plan till expiry if not getting the refund. 

Cancelling your subscription using Play Store

For Android devices, applications are only available on the play store. Users can install programs available on the play store. Whenever you need a program; search on your play store. If it is available, install it. You can also purchase the license for your programs. In case, the user doesn’t need the program anymore; he can cancel his subscription using the play store. 

  1. Open the Play Store 
  2. Tap on the profile icon
  3. Tap on Payments and subscriptions
  4. Hit on the Subscription button
  5. You can find all the subscripted programs
  6. Choose the program you want to cancel 
  7. Hit on the cancel button
  8. Tap on the Confirm icon

Now the auto-renewal mode for the plan will get disabled. Users can access his tools until the subscription expires. When the program expires; the user can remove its setup from the device. In case he requires the program later he can reinstall the setup from the play store. Log in to the previous one and renew the subscription.

Renewing program’s subscription manually

If the user wants to use the program again, he can renew the subscription manually. 

  1. Open the dashboard of your program
  2. Go to the Profile icon
  3. Check the subscription window
  4. You will see the expiry status
  5. Tap the Renew button
  6. You can see various renewal plans

Select a plan for the renewal and proceed with the payment. After renewal, check the auto-renewal mode and make sure it is disabled. 

Suzanne Shanks
Author: Suzanne Shanks