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How To Resolve Canon Series Printer Error

ByGloria Magee

Sep 27, 2021

The printer works fine if the printer is not being used. Many problems can cause printing to be interrupted when there is an immediate need. Error 5B00 is the most frequent.

This error may be caused by one of the ink colors leaking out. The error message 5B00 will be displayed after you have completed the head cleaning. This error can happen on many types of printers. This error can be found, for example, on Canon G2000 or Canon IP2770. 5b00 error canon g2000 What is the problem? How can Canon G2000 or Canon IP2770 error 5B00 be fixed? The answer is yes, as you will see in the discussion below.

Cause of error 5B00

This error message 5B00 is not always obvious. It can be caused by many things. This error message 5B00 is usually caused by nearly full ink. This is what causes printing to stop. This is usually indicated by an orange blinking LED light. The message “Error number: 5B00” will then appear. An error occurred in the printer

How to Solve Error 5B00 Canon G2000 & IP2770

How do you fix it? This can be done in two ways: by either resetting the printer using a printer resetter or replacing spare parts. Learn more!

1. Reset the printer using the WIC resitter printer

First, you can reset your printer with a printer restarter. This will allow us to reset the printer so that the 5B00 error message is gone. This is a very popular and effective method. This is how to fix Canon G2000 or IP2770 errors in 5B00.

  • Enter the Canon printer in the Service Mode position from the Off position. You can do this by pressing and holding the power button.
  • Press the power button five times, then press the resume button. The printer case should be opened. Next, press the power button.
  • Next, check the power LED light as well as the resume button.
  • If all lights are on, the printer is in “Service mode”.

Continue the reset with the Epson Resetter Software. Download it here if you don’t already have it! This is possible with Canon G series printers (G1000, G2000) and IP2770.

  • Run the Canon Service Tool ( Canon printer Resetter) program you downloaded earlier.
  • To reset the printer, prepare 2 sheets of paper and place them in the printer.
  • Print the Eeprom status prior to the reset, then press OK
  • Do the reset. Select MAIN in the “Check Ink Counter” dialog box. Click the SET button. This will initiate the printer reset process.
  • The printer power LED will light up during the reset process. The reset process is complete when the printer LED stops flashing.
  • To verify the success of your print job, print the Eeprom status once more.
  • The difference in the status printed can be seen, as well as the Eeprom status before and after it was set. D=100.0 before reset and D=000.0 after reset
  • You can also check the printer resetter program. Select Data Save – EEEPROM SAVE in the Service Tool dialog box. If D = 000.0 appears, it is an indication that the process was successful. Eeprom is now at 0%
  • Now the reset process is complete. Turn the printer on and off again. The printer is now ready for use

2. Replace any worn parts on the mainboard

You can also replace the Eeprom IC parts if the printer reset fails.

IC EEPROM refers to a spare part found in the mainboard. The EEPROM IC can count the number of printer activities and calculate the printer’s maximum point limit. An error message 5B00 will be displayed if the printer activity exceeds the point limit. This means that the EEPROM IC must be replaced.

How to Avoid Error5B00 on Printers

Error 5B00 is not avoidable. The error message is a warning that the printer component needs to be replaced. This problem can be avoided by minimizing head cleaning. If the colors printed by the printer are damaged, head cleaning and deep cleaning are the best options.

This 5B00 problem is not only a Canon IP2770 or G2000 issue, but can also be found in many types of printers, such as IP2700 and G1000, MP287 and MG2570, E400 and MP237.

However, error 5B00 is still possible to overcome. There are two ways to fix error 5B00 in Canon G2000 or IP2770. You don’t need to bring your printer to the Service Center. The 2 steps below will make it work again. Continue to be productive and good luck!

Gloria Magee
Author: Gloria Magee