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[How-to]Methods to Import PST files to Gmail

ByAlbert Taylor

Nov 17, 2021
Import pst to gmail

Today Gmail needs no introduction most people around the globe have Gmail account, and many platforms ask Gmail account to sign up. Nowadays, people want to swing towards Gmail from Outlook and seek methods to import PST files to Gmail. 

This write-up is dedicated to the primary reasons to import PST to Gmail, and further, it explains two known and reliable solutions for the same. 

Why users are swinging towards Gmail?

Nowadays, many professionals‘ day begins and ends with going through their Gmail emails. There are many features in Gmail which make it a perfect email service for every businessperson, individual, and student.

  • First, Gmail is a free email client, and you can access many web platforms using a single Gmail account.  
  • Users can access their Gmail data through any device independent of time and place. Also, Gmail is accessible on any type of devices like Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows.
  • Gmail is easy to use and configure, which makes it the first choice for newbies. 
  • It provides free large storage to users so they can store their important data to access them anywhere.

Ways to upload PST files to Gmail

There are ways to import PST files to Gmail, one is by using the Google GWMMO tool, and the second one is using an automated tool that is the Shoviv Gmail Backup tool. Let’s start with the Google GWMMO tool.

Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GWMMO)

  1. Start with downloading and installing the GWMMO tool from the Internet.
  2. Now open the tool, and log in with the Gmail account where you want to import PST files.
  3. In the following wizard, allow permissions and browse the PST file you want to import. 
  4. Additionally, select data to import and click on the Migrate button.  

It is the process of manual method it is easy to accomplish, but before you start importing PST files using it, let me mention some of its drawbacks. 

Why shouldn’t Fall for manual solutions?

  • Using the GWMMO tool, you can only import the PST files which have Write permission.
  • The tool doesn’t import many things of PST file, which are as follows: 
  • Signatures, Rules or filters, Calendar Attachments, and Text descriptions of calendar.
  • Outlook Notes, Tasks, Journal entries, and RSS feed since these features aren’t available in the GWMMO tool. 
  • Separate contact folders, Contacts Group, Distribution lists, and Domain contact appear in the Global Address List (GAL) in Microsoft Active Directory. 

A reliable and complete solution to Import PST files to Gmail

The manual method is not for everyone, especially if you want to import business-related data where every bit of information matters a lot. Besides the Manual Method, you can use the Shoviv Gmail Backup tool

It is an automated solution designed by professionals. The software is tested in many complicated scenarios, and every time, this tool has proven itself a reliable solution. The Shoviv Gmail Backup tool keeps a convenient GUI and many advanced features to enhance the PST import process. 

Import PST to Gmail

Import PST to Gmail like a cakewalk

  • Install and Open the software. 
  • Click the Restore/Export option.
  • Enter Job Name and add PST files.
  • Then provide asked credentials.
  • Now Map PSTs with Gmail accounts.
  • Additionally, use the filter option and click Next.
  • Next, use the advanced option, and review settings.
  • At last, click on the Finish button. 

It is how you can import PST files to Gmail mailboxes. The software import every single bit of data from the PST file.

Why Shoviv Gmail Backup Tool is the first choice for PST import?

  1. The software eliminates human error chances. If you are stuck in the process or have any queries, you can ask the Technical support team 24×7.
  2. Users can import multiple PST files to Gmail mailboxes in a single batch. 
  3. It works almost 15 times faster than the manual method and provides an advanced mapping facility. 
  4. It imports every single bit and folder from the PST files without any alteration. 
  5. With the Shoviv Gmail Backup tool, users can import PST files to any IMAP Server and works in all Windows Operating systems.
  6. Users can monitor complete importation on the single dashboard, and it is easy-to-use software. 

Bringing all together

This blog is a complete guide to importing PST files to Gmail. Along with this, I’ve also mentioned a few of Gmail’s features that are tilting the market in Gmail’s favor. At last, it depends on you which method you choose, but choose as per your ease and requirements. 


Can I use this software with Windows 10 and Outlook 2019?

Yes! Shoviv Gmail Backup tool is compatible with all Windows Operating System and Outlook versions. 

I am a technocrat and provide services to others; should I prefer the Shoviv Gmail Backup tool?

Yes! And it will help you in many means like you can import multiple PST files to Gmail mailboxes in a single batch. Also, there are many other advanced features that you can check by installing and downloading the demo version of the software.      

Albert Taylor
Author: Albert Taylor