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Important considerations when choosing a regression testing tool

BySophia Loren

Nov 9, 2022

Stakeholder involvement, existing development processes, project scope, budget constraints, and team decisions are important factors to consider when choosing the right regression testing tool. The right regression testing tools play a strategic and important role as they can greatly improve the regression testing process and deliver better results. This article discusses some important considerations when choosing the right regression testing tool.

What is regression testing?

This is a testing method where previously developed test cases are re-executed by his QA team through manual or automated testing. The goal is to determine if there are any discrepancies between the new changes introduced to the code and the existing tests.
Regression testing is considered a unique and relevant software technique that can be implemented in independent start-ups, large enterprises, and regulated industries. What really matters is matching a good regression testing strategy with choosing the right regression testing tool.
Below are four key elements used to create a regression testing strategy.

  1. Clear test objectives: QA professionals must have a precise plan for identifying defects. You have to define risk. This provides a way to define the scope of regression testing. There are two main points to consider: The risk with which the application or product is built. You should check for possible errors
    Each test procedure should aim to address a particular level of risk and the steps required to mitigate those risks.
  2. Testing Procedures Require a Specific Scope: The types of risks investigated in the target phase help define the scope. Changes in application functionality impacting end users, priority of related application functionality, and code complexity are factors to consider when defining scope.
  3. Relative Importance of Entry and Exit Criteria: The entry and exit criteria of a regression test are parameters that you actually set. For example, if a regression testing strategy is part of an end-to-end system test, the team will start working according to the entry criteria. This entry criterion requires the completion of a minimum number of successful test sprints.

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