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Inhibit auto subscription with some simple steps

BySuzanne Shanks

Jul 26, 2021
how do i turn off auto renewal on avast

Subscription is a service that provides special features to the user. For various programs, the user has to subscribe to the plan, and then he can use it. When it expires, the user has to renew it manually. These subscriptions are available as monthly or yearly plans. Sometimes, renewing the program manually seems bothersome when you are using the subscription for streaming sites or essential tools. When they expire, you can鈥檛 use the tools until you renew them. For those programs, users can choose the auto-renewal feature. It renews the program and makes payment from your account automatically. Using this feature prevents subscription expiry. When a user is not accessing the application anymore, he has to cancel the subscription. If not, the plan will renew whether you have an application installed on the system or not.聽

Cancel your subscription and prevent auto-renewal

People often subscribe to the service for a certain time like for watching a show or a tool for a particular job. Once your job completes, you should disable the subscription. You don鈥檛 need to wait till the expiry date. If you are cancelling the license, do it now. The left days on the subscription will not lapse. You can use the program without any errors. 

How do I turn off auto renewal on Avast?

  1. When you are using the same device, open the dashboard
  2. Click on My Info 
  3. Tap on Subscription
  4. Your account will open on a browser
  5. While cancelling subscription from device, open browser
  6. Log in to your program鈥檚 account
  7. Click on subscription
  8. The user will see his plan
  9. Choose the cancel button

Users may get the subscription cancellation confirmation wizard

Select Confirm on the wizard and go back to the subscription. Check the expiry date and access the program to date. Now when the plan expires, the new license will not be active.

Can I cancel the subscription after auto-renewal?

While using the program, people often forget to cancel the auto-renewal. They get aware of the subscription when they get the auto-renewal message. If you are using that application then immediately check for their refund. Inspect the refund policies and their guidelines. In case, your application subscription is under refund then apply for it.

  1. Open the program鈥檚 account on the browser 
  2. Type your credentials and go to the profile
  3. Select the subscription and tap on the renewed plan
  4. Go to the license and tap on the Cancel button
  5. Users will get the Refund option

Click on the Refund and follow the screen. After applying for the refund, your renewed plan will get expired. Now you can only access its free services, if available. 

Cancelling the auto-renewal feature on Android device

Various applications are available for the phone. Users can find those programs on the Play Store. Whenever you want an application on the phone, search in the store. After installation, open the program and you will get the premium option. Get the subscription and use the application鈥檚 premium tools. If the auto-renewed feature is enabled then you can disable it through the Play Store. 

  1. Open the phone and go to Google Play Store
  2. Select the Profile image 
  3. Choose Payments & Subscription
  4. Tap on the Subscriptions option and select the program
  5. Click on the Cancel option
  6. Users may get the Pause Subscription feature

Select the No Thanks option and cancel the auto-renewal. Now open the application and click on My Account. Hit on the subscription and check its expiry date. After that date, the subscription will expire and the user can鈥檛 use its premium features.

Renewing the program鈥檚 license manually

The user won鈥檛 get the auto-renewal service on every program. After your subscription expires, the user has to check for the manual renewal function. If you have disabled auto-renewal but now you want to access the program then renew it manually. Users don鈥檛 need to renew the subscription immediately after expiry. You should renew the license only when you require the program. Don鈥檛 create a new account or install a new setup. Users can use the same setup and account for renewing. Open the program鈥檚 account and then open its subscription page. Hit the Renew option next to the expiry status. The user has to provide details and then the plan will renew immediately. For upgrading, you can use the same account but you have to install the new setup. Remove your expired program from the system and then install the upgraded application.

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