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Laying Artificial Grass On Soil Is Easier Than You Think

ByJordan Jace

Oct 15, 2021
Laying Artificial Grass On Soil

If you are thinking about laying artificial grass on soil, there are a number of steps you will need to take to ensure a successful job. The first few layers may seem straightforward but many people find that they get it wrong. This is because they do not know exactly how to proceed and make numerous mistakes along the way. Many people will be surprised at just how difficult laying artificial grass can be. They may even think that it is impossible to complete one installation without making a mistake.

Key to a successful installation

The key to a successful installation is a good base to build on, followed by a good layer of topsoil. An alternative, if you are short of time, is to lay concrete. However, it is important to note that concrete is not easily digested by plants, so you should ensure that the area you intend to plant is large enough for the size of the installation. In addition to ensuring enough soil area, you should also ensure that it drains sufficiently and has enough slope to allow the synthetic material to drain properly. If you need to add a soil base, it should be well rotted before you even begin.

Installing your grass

Once the base of the new lawn is in place, you can then begin installing your grass. A key factor in getting it right is to ensure that you have good drainage. One common problem with installing grass is that it sinks into the soil, creating a deep bed which stops it draining properly. To combat this, create a layer beneath the grass using either spade or hoe. This will stop the grass from sinking into the soil, improving its drainage.

Water drains away from the lawn

Lay the artificial grass installation as close to the surface as possible. As mentioned previously, you need to make sure that water drains away from the lawn. For this reason, make sure that you have any pipes underground, and then install them on top of the grass layer. This is an excellent way to ensure that water drains away from the turf. This is especially important during hot weather when more heat than usual is absorbed through the soil.

Air pockets

For artificial turf installation to be successful, you must ensure that there is no air pockets within the soil. Air pockets are where plants roots develop in, and it is during these times that they tend to expand and grow deeper. If you leave a gap between the turf and grass ground, you are increasing the chances of plants growing deeper into the earth, which will decrease their root space and cut down on their growth.

Lack of nutrients

Another factor you will want to consider is the lack of nutrients in the natural grass lawn. Artificial lawns do not require fertilizer because they are manufactured using materials that are able to withstand high levels of foot traffic. For this reason, they provide the best kind of low maintenance for those looking to transform their lawn into a beautiful, healthy, green space.

Benefits of installing artificial grass on soil

Now that you know what the benefits are of installing artificial grass on soil, you might want to consider the benefits you can get from it as well. For example, the area you have left to fill with the synthetic grass is almost twice as big as the same area with natural grass. Therefore, this will reduce the amount of work that you have to do when mowing your garden. Not only that, but you will have extra space in the backyard that you can use for entertaining, or simply to lounge in and take in the beauty that nature has to offer.

Long-lasting enjoyment

The most important thing is that you have to choose a turf that will provide you with long-lasting enjoyment and you will not have to worry about having to mow it or otherwise maintain it like you would if you were to get natural grass. If you are looking to give your backyard the look of professionally installed turf, you should consider talking to a professional landscaping company and they will be able to give you some great ideas about what type of grass to get and how to install it in your yard. No matter whether you are looking to create an athletic field, a sports field, or even a garden, artificial turf can easily be installed on any size of area.

Laying Artificial Grass on Soil

Can I Lay Artificial Grass on Top of Turf?

Many home owners ask themselves, “Can I Lay Artificial Grass on Top of Turf?” When considering installing artificial turf for your backyard, there are many things to consider. From the type of surface to the size of the area, each decision you make can greatly affect the final look and feel of your new surface.

Type Of Surface

The first thing to consider when deciding whether to lay artificial turf is the type of surface you have available. If you only have a small yard space and you want to install a surface that will stay put, turf contractor will usually recommend a rubber or foam type of surface. This can be accomplished with a simple adhesive but it does require more maintenance. If you have a larger area to cover, you may need a fiberglass or concrete driveway that can withstand the extra weight.

Contractor you choose to install

Choosing the size of the artificial turf field will also affect the contractor you choose to install it. If you have an uneven surface, you may need to install a base prior to laying your turf. The type of surface you choose will determine the amount of work and cost involved. For example, if you have a very large area to cover, you can opt to use fiberglass. A contractor who specializes in artificial turf installations can provide you with the information needed to make the best decision about your requirements.

Choosing a turf contractor

When choosing a turf contractor, you should research their previous work. Talk to friends or contact the Better Business Bureau to find out if any complaints were filed. Be sure to ask if the contractor was able to accomplish all of your requirements and if they would do a better job for you. Ask to see examples of their work. You should also inquire about the cost of their services. If you plan on doing a lot of installation work, this can help you to narrow down your choices.

Can I install artificial turf on my field even if I’m just maintaining?

Another question that you may have is “Can I install artificial turf on my field even if I’m just maintaining?” This is a good question to ask if you’re going to be installing turf as a maintenance method. Many people choose to install artificial turf because they don’t want to deal with the hassle associated with mowing lawns. Synthetic turf can be mowed by hand and isn’t as hard to use as real grass. You can also save a significant amount of money on lawn care by not having to pay to replace dead grass and weeds.

Install synthetic turf

If you have a field that’s located outdoors, you may be able to install synthetic turf. Outdoor artificial turf is ideal for baseball fields, tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools, football fields and others. The installation process can take as little as a few hours and is very simple. You can also enjoy the benefits of artificial grass for years to come.

Allow artificial turf

If you are considering an outdoor artificial turf installation, you should check with your homeowners association to make sure that it is allowed in your area. Some homeowners associations don’t allow artificial turf altogether. Before installing artificial turf or using natural grass, be sure to check with your homeowners association. Artificial turf can add value to your home and can increase your game play.

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