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Why is Mixer Tap considered the Best Faucet for Bathroom?

ByRuhe India

Jun 27, 2022
Mixer Tap

Here’s a blog to answer your question as to why is mixer tap considered the best faucet for the bathroom!

What is a Mixer Tap?

You might have often heard or read about mixer faucets or mixer taps while looking for bathroom fittings online. Well, as the name suggests, mixer faucets are taps designed to mix hot and cold water supplies.

The hot water supply comes from your geysers and the cold water supply may come from your submersible or the overhead tanks. The mixer faucets have a single outlet that gives out your desired water temperature. These faucets may have a single lever/handle to control the switching on and off the water flow. And the same lever can be used to change the temperature of the water.  Many mixer faucets also have double handles for hot and cold water supply control.

Mixer Tap

Benefits of Mixer Basin Tap for Bathroom

Ease of Control

Imagine how convenient it would feel when you get the desired temperature of the water during the winter season. Mixer faucets are the best type of faucets for your washbasins and your kitchen sinks considering their heavy and constant use. You may control the temperature as it pours from the taps using a mixer tap. This allows you to precisely adjust the temperature of your water. Whether you’re running a bath, showering or shaving with water straight from the faucet.

Stylish Designs

The mixer faucet these days are available in multiple designs and finishes. These styles are designed keeping in mind the kind of décor you might have in your bathrooms. The mixer faucets online are available in numerous designs for you to choose from.


The mixer faucet or any type of water tap in the market comes with aerators/flow-limiters. It has the capacity to push air into the water flow making it look like the pressure of water is high. Flow-limiters are commonly installed on mixer taps to prevent too much water from being drawn from the cold and hot pipes at the same time. This results in saving water. In practice, combining hot water into a single flow may use less hot water. It is good for both the environment and your energy expenses. You are basically using 40% less water when you use mixer faucets with aerators.


Should I use mixer taps for both the toilet and bathroom basin?

Mixer faucets are the new in-thing when it comes to bathroom fittings. These mixer water taps can be used in wash basins, kitchen sinks and even your shower areas where you could control the temperature of your shower and bathing water.

Are mixer faucets available in brass material?

Yes, mixer faucets are manufactured in brass material as well. Brands like Ruhe are the biggest manufacturers of brass mixer taps. In fact, brass is the best material for faucets in the bathroom. The material is durable and resistant to extreme temperatures of water which is a very important advantage when it comes to mixer faucets as these faucets supply hot water as well.

Where do I buy water taps online at the best price in India?

Buying bathroom fittings online is not a cumbersome process these days. And thanks to brands like Ruhe which provide the best bathroom fittings including the widest range of bathroom faucets in the country. Visit their online store for the best deals and discounts and get yourself the best mixer taps available online right now!

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