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Prep for Women


What Is prep? 

prep represents Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. It implies taking medication prior to being presented to something to keep yourself from getting an illness or condition. We utilize a few sorts of medication thusly.oncohiv.com

One model is taking the enemy of jungle fever medicine when we travel to regions where we may be nibbled by mosquitoes that convey intestinal sickness. At the point when the medication is in an individual’s body prior to getting a mosquito nibble, that individual is considerably less liable to become ill from intestinal sickness when they are chomped. 

For ladies, another model is taking conception prevention pills (contraceptives). At the point when contraceptives are in a lady’s body when she is presented to semen during sex, she is substantially less prone to get pregnant. 

prep here implies that HIV-negative ladies take a HIV medication to lessen their danger of procuring HIV in the event that they are presented to the infection. A few groups utilize the term ‘skin prep’ to portray the utilization of microbicide gels (e.g., vaginal gels containing HIV drugs). Nonetheless, in this article we are alluding just to ‘oral prep,’ or HIV drugs taken by mouth to forestall getting HIV.

How Does Prep Prevent the Spread of HIV? 

Here is the means by which prep works:

  • At the point when CD4 cells are contaminated with HIV, they become little manufacturing plants that make a great many new infections every day 
  • HIV drugs work by hindering HIV from making duplicates of itself 
  • In the event that a HIV-negative lady as of now has HIV drugs in her circulatory system when she is presented to HIV, for instance during sex without a condom, the medication can hold the infection back from making enough duplicates of itself to “grab hold” and keep her from getting HIV

Endorsement for Daily Oral prep 

In July 2012, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) affirmed the everyday utilization of Truvada (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate in addition to emtricitabine, or TDF/FTC) as prep for explicitly dynamic grown-ups in danger of getting HIV. Truvada is frequently utilized as a component of blend drug treatment for HIV. This was the first run through the FDA affirmed any medicine for the avoidance of HIV. The World Health Organization (WHO) delivered refreshed rules in June 2016 that extend prior suggestions. It currently suggests that every day oral prep be offered as an extra counteraction strategy to all individuals at generous danger of getting HIV. The WHO has affirmed the utilization of either Viread (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) or Truvada for this reason. Be that as it may, every nation should independently affirm the utilization of Truvada or Viread as prep and decide how it will give the medication.oncohiv.com

Has prep Been Shown to Be Effective? 

A few clinical preliminaries have shown that accepting Truvada as oral prep (one pill by mouth every day) brings down the danger of procuring HIV from sex by over 90%. That hazard is diminished by over 70% among individuals who infuse drugs. In past years, a few examinations in southern Africa didn’t discover either oral or effective prep to be viable in forestalling HIV transmission to ladies. Notwithstanding, analysts found that, for various reasons, numerous ladies who took a crack at the investigation were not accepting the drug as recommended, which made it less compelling. These discoveries are talked about in the segment underneath. 

Another method of taking prep that demonstrated profoundly compelling in another African examination included utilizing prep as a “connect” until the accomplice living with HIV in a serodifferent (one accomplice is living with HIV, the other is HIV-negative) hetero couple has an imperceptible viral burden. As of February 2015, this methodology had diminished the danger of obtaining HIV by 96%. 

Late examination has shown that individuals living with HIV whose viral burden is imperceptible (can’t be identified by standard tests) don’t send the infection to their sexual accomplices. For more data on this energizing turn of events, kindly see our reality sheet Undetectable Equals Untransmittable: Building Hope and Ending HIV Stigma.

Why Are Some Research Findings Unclear? 

For any medication or other HIV anticipation instrument to work, it should be utilized – and utilized accurately and reliably. This is valid for condoms and is demonstrating validity for prep too. In the examinations referenced over, the way into prep’s prosperity was adherence, which means taking the medication when and how it is recommended. In all examinations, individuals who accepting the medication every day as recommended were essentially more averse to secure HIV when presented to the infection during sex or infusion drug use. 

We don’t yet completely comprehend the reasons why individuals – particularly ladies – don’t take oral prep reliably as recommended. This makes more examination into issues that may influence ladies’ advantage in or capacity to take a medication for HIV avoidance vital. To respond to these inquiries, ladies need to participate in future investigations about prep. For more data about getting, finding, and taking an interest in research, see our reality sheet on clinical preliminaries.

CDC and WHO Guidelines for prep Use 

The 2017 rules from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the utilization of prep in the US suggest that every day oral Truvada be considered for HIV-pessimistic individuals who are at significant danger for securing HIV. This incorporates individuals who:

  • are in a sexual relationship with an accomplice living with HIV 
  • don’t routinely utilize condoms and who don’t have a clue about the HIV status of their sexual partner(s) 
  • have a high number of sexual accomplices 
  • are occupied with business sex work 
  • have had a new bacterial explicitly communicated sickness 
  • use infusion medications and (1) share drug hardware, or (2) have an infusing accomplice who is living with HIV

There are additionally a few situations when prep isn’t suggested. These incorporate having: 

  • obscure HIV status; it is significant that solitary individuals who test negative for HIV take prep 
  • signs or side effects of intense HIV contamination 
  • diminished kidney work 
  • obscure hepatitis B status or potentially inoculation status

The rules likewise recommend that suppliers consider prep for individuals who live in zones or have individual organizations where HIV is more normal (high-precision territories). The rules give apparatuses to assist suppliers with recognizing these zones. The CDC additionally distributed a clinical suppliers’ enhancement, which incorporates a patient/supplier agenda, guiding about utilizing prep while attempting to get pregnant and during pregnancy, directing about adherence and HIV hazard decrease, and data sheets for patients in English and Spanish. 

prep should be accepted every day as recommended to be just about as powerful as could really be expected. The CDC suggests utilizing it in mix with other HIV avoidance systems, for example, condoms or more secure infusing rehearses. prep is one device that can be utilized to forestall the transmission of HIV. 

It is likewise significant that individuals have a negative HIV test prior to beginning prep. The CDC suggests that individuals be tried at regular intervals to ensure they remain HIV-negative while taking prep. 

In conclusion, it suggests that HIV-negative ladies who are pregnant or who are attempting to become pregnant talk with their medical care suppliers about the dangers and advantages of taking Truvada for prep. In 2014, the US Public Health Service delivered clinical practice rules recommending that medical care suppliers currently examine prep as one of a few alternatives for securing HIV-negative accomplices in serodifferent couples who need to get pregnant. Viread and Truvada have been taken by ladies living with HIV for a long time and give off an impression of being protected during early pregnancy.

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