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Researchers just completed a Video Game that can be controlled by the Mind


Aug 1, 2019

A video game can be controlled by the mind

A group of researchers in Switzerland have recently developed a technology that is able to facilitate folks with severely impaired motor functions to play video games victimization their minds. in keeping with researchers, the first objective of the project is to create a system whereby a chair is controlled by its user’s brain signals, as rumoured by WION. The system would be greatly useful for folks with restricted quality.

The program, known as Brain Driver, is being trialled by folks as well as Samuel Kunz, World Health Organization was unfit once associate degree accident. in keeping with reports, Mr. Kunz is in a position to control a digital auto by picturing that approach he desires it to maneuver – however, that it takes concentration.

The affiliation between my fingers and my brain isn’t there any longer. I still try and move my fingers simply in my head so that desires heaps of concentration to try to to it precisely the same approach on every occasion.”

The operations are controlled victimization brain signals, transmitted to the pc by electrodes connected to users’ heads, explained Dr. Rea Lehner to monetary unit News. one of the best challenges for neuroscientists within the project was truly one thing that functions to shield the brain i.e. the skull.

“The os may be a superb dielectric and in fact, it protects your brain, that’s a decent issue, however, it conjointly protects the signals that your brain is manufacturing from United States World Health Organization wish to scan them,” explained Nicole Wenderoth, Zurich’s academic for neural management of movement.

Scientists say that the goal of the project is to ultimately build a system, for folks with restricted quality, through that a chair is controlled by its user’s brain signals.

Last year in Apr, researchers from university created a tool, named AlterEgo that has the aptitude to listen to and interpret the words in your mind. this method specifically makes use of the well-known machine learning technique, Neural Networks, having layers of artificial neurons that method the given input and transmit to different neurons that ultimately ‘classifies’ or in common terms, identifies a specific knowledge. However, before the prediction of the input the Neural Network model needs to be first ‘trained’ with a dataset and its results and so on the idea of that coaching, it offers the ultimate output

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