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How do I Sync SmarterMail with Outlook with Emails, Contacts and Calendar?

ByRitu Roy

Sep 22, 2021

Are you currently looking a method to synchronize SmarterMail with Microsoft Outlook? If yes, then follow the blog which will discuss multiple techniques to synchronize SmarterMail to Outlook.

SmarterMail is a popular email server that easily manages email accounts, contacts, calendar, webmail and contacts.

SmarterMail offers synchronization with many popular email clients. It has the ability to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendars, Apple Mail and Apple Notes.

So, why user wants to synchronize SmarterMail to Outlook?

In order to bring the real-time changes in Microsoft Outlook, users have to synchronize SmarterMail with Outlook application. However, the sync process maintains copy on a on a PC or laptop. Additionally, it allow users to discover features of email account effortlessly.

Moreover, make sure that synchronization abilities depends on the SmarterMail edition that is listed below:

  • For complete synchronization capabilities, SmarterMail suggests the upgrade to SmarterMail Enterprise. Users who are utilizing SmarterMail Enterprise editions can synchronize mail folders by utilizing the protocol that has been discussed further in the article.
  • SmarterMail Professional users can download email by utilizing IMAP or POP3 but they will be unable to synchronize SmarterMail calendars, notes and tasks by using EAS or MAPI/EWS and so miss a chance on a complete user experience.
  • SmarterMail Free users allows mailbox synchronization using the protocols discussed in this document except EAS and MAPI/EWS which are equipped as add-ons to SmarterMail Enterprise.

Different Synchronization Protocols to Sync SmarterMail Account

SmarterMail has different synchronization options to sync SmarterMail users account items with multiple popular email servers and mobile devices.

  • EAS is the optional plug-in which helps to synchronize user mails, contacts, calendars with contact pictures with mobile devices Windows Mail.
  • MAPI/EWS are optional plug-ins that synchronize messages, contacts, calendar, and tasks to third-party mail clients that support the protocol including MS Outlook 2016 and above for Windows, Outlook for Mac, Apple Mail and eM Client.
  • CalDAV is the add-on of WebDAV protocol that synchronize calendars of SmarterMail with Mac, iPhones, iPads, Mozilla Thunderbird and many other devices as well as applications that utilize technology.
  • CardDAV is another extension of WebDAV protocol that synchronize the contacts of SmarterMail that include contact pictures, natively with Mac, iPhones, iPad and different applications as well as devices which uses technology.
  • Add to Outlook is a method of synchronization which is based on Microsoft’s SharePoint platform. However, Microsoft do not support the features of synchronization with SharePoint which are used by Add to Outlook Connector. Therefore, Add to Outlook is becoming less secure day by day and also less reliable as there is less assistance present from Microsoft for the same. Thus, Add to Outlook offers as “As Is”. To experience a feature-rich platform, EAS (supported for Windows Mail and mobile devices) or MAPI/EWS (Outlook for Mac/Windows and Apple Mail) need to be used.

However, there are basically two methods to synchronize SmarterMail with Outlook. One is a manual technique and another is a direct third party professional solution. Let us discuss both of them.

Manual Steps to Synchronize SmarterMail Email Settings in MS Outlook

Step 1. Open MS Outlook and hit File button.

Step 2. Choose Account Settings and again click Account Settings option.

Step 3. Click “New…” button and it will open new window.

Step 4. Hit Advanced Options, select checkbox of “Let me setup my account manually”.

Step 5. Provide desired email details which you need to setup and hit Connect.

Step 6. Choose IMAP from Advanced setup options.

Step 7. Update IMAP Settings as given:

Incoming Mail
Server: mail.ppi.net
Port: 143
Encryption method: STARTTLS
Require logon using Secure Password Authentication: Yes

Outgoing Mail
Server: smtp.ppi.net
Port: 587
Encryption method: STARTTLS
Require logon using Secure Password Authentication: Yes

Step 8. After IMAP details are updated, click Next.

Step 9. Provide email account password and hit Next.

Step 10. Account Successfully Added option will display. Deselect the option “Select Outlook mobile on my phone” and press Done.

Direct Solution to Synchronize SmarterMail with Outlook

It is one of the easiest way to synchronize SmarterMail with Outlook i.e. CubexSoft SmarterMail Migration Tool. All-in-One application that directly synchronize and move all SmarterMail user emails, contacts and calendar to Outlook 2019 and it’s earlier editions without data loss. SmarterMail Migration Tool completely built-up with a simple steps and clicks which can be easily operable by all technical and novice users. SmarterMail Migrator has many powerful features and advance options which helps to synchronize SmarterMail with Outlook according to requirement. To know its operational steps, follow the listed steps as mentioned.

Steps to Sync SmarterMail with Outlook with Emails, Contacts and Calendar

Follow the steps mentioned to sync SmarterMail with Outlook with emails, contacts and calendar:

Step 1. Download, install and run SmarterMail Migrator on Windows PC/laptop.

Step 2. Add SmarterMail user files and folders by choosing Select Files and Select Folder option.

Step 3. For synchronizing multiple SmarterMail users with Outlook, choose Exporting Multiple SmarterMail users option.

Step 4. Hit Next after applying options accordingly.

Step 5. Tool now scan all the loaded SmarterMail GRP files, analyse their data and then list them with checkboxes. These check boxes are helpful in implementing selective migration, if it is required otherwise press Next.

Step 6. Set Outlook PST as a saving file format by clicking Select Saving Option.

Step 7. Apply desired filters and set destination path.

Step 8. Finally, hit Export button to start synchronization process. When tool will be done with all the files, then it will show the message on the screen “Process Completed Successfully”.

After performing the steps, check the exported PST files and import them in Outlook by using Outlook Import/Export option. All transferred data will be accurate.


The entire document discussed the different techniques to synchronize SmarterMail with Microsoft Outlook. SmarterMail to Outlook Tool which also known as SmarterMail Migrator helps to transfer all SmarterMail data to Outlook with emails, contacts and calendar. It is called SmarterMail Migration Tool because it is a complete method which not only move SmarterMail to Outlook but also allows to synchronize SmarterMail to Office 365, Gmail, Exchange Server, PDF, MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, WLM and many more. SmarterMail Migration Tool has a freeware edition which allows to export first 25 SmarterMail files free of cost.

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