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Top 10 Best Epub Readers for Windows (Epub Readers)

ByJenny Craig

Jan 23, 2022

EPUB file reader is a file detector software that lets you detect the books stored in the EPUB layout. The software interface is based on two parts, the left part will show the document chapter, and the other will show the browser to display the document content. Files with epub attachments are an eBook file format that allows publishers and consumers a standard digital publication platform to publish their book and read it. The design is friendly and many e-readers and software applications support it.

For instance, on Mac OS, the in-build Books software supports opening such files. Additionally, there are a lot of compatible software available for computers, tablets, and smartphones. The EPUB file standards are famous among the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). The version EPUB 3 is also approved by the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), a leading book trade organization for standardized best practices, information, research, and events, for content packaging.

In short, an Epub reader is a program that lets you read digital books on your smartphone, computer, or any other electronic device. As there are a lot of scholarships available in the market, we also gather information about other scholarships and applications like the  coca-cola scholarship application form in which you can enroll and gain a lot of information.

File Format

EPUB file format is an archive named ZIP extension, and its contents can be seen by removing the archive extractor. It is an open XML-based format based on HTML files, images, CSS style sheets, and other parts. You can convert it to PDF, Mobi, and different file forms through several software applications and APIs.

Open Public Structure (OPS)

An EPUB file uses XHTML to make the content of a publication. It means that an EPUB file uses one or more web pages. Even though you can have the full content of a book or newspaper on a single page, the file shouldn’t be more than 300K, both for execution and compatibility reasons. The styling, Web pages, and structure uses cascading style sheets. A subset sequence of commands from CSS2 is used in EPUB files. Many of the new segments of CSS3, such as rounded boxes or drop shadows, are not functional yet. A reader can also use DTBook instead of XHTML to read the content.

Open Packaging Format (OPF)

Open packaging format works with structured data such as meta title, the publisher, or author. It displays a list of all the files inside the epub file and entire content, and these data are all encoded by using XML.

Open Container Format (OCF)

As the above descriptions clarify, the EPUB document uses a sequence of files. The OCF defines all those files packaged in one single file, and the ZIP archive is used for files to store them.

How To Access Epub?

One can access ePubs on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android devices. First install an eReader application to read your ePub, and Apple’s default eReader is iBook鈥攎ost eReader are downloaded for free with the given app stores. Download epub and eBooks on your computer or laptop and access them with the help of an e-reader application.

Are There Restrictions On Sharing ePubs?

One can create copies for your private use on an unlimited number of devices, share your ePub with other people or put the files on servers where others can access or read this content. You may not edit ePub files, but you may read or print them for private use. 

How To Open Epub Files?

Epub means Electronic Publication. An EPUB file is a form of an ebook and a file extension of EPUB (.epub). The International Digital Publishing Forum publicized this format. The current versions of HTML, SVG, and CSS are supported in EPUB format.

You must be excited about reading your favorite writer’s book for the first time. But when you want to read it, the file is entirely inaccessible and unsupported. The eBook is in EPUB format, and your device has no access. So you have to find how to access epub files?

We understand this situation. Stay tuned with us to find out how to open EPUB files no matter what device you use. It will significantly improve your book reading experience. So, do you want to learn how to access epub files? Let’s go ahead.

Steps While Using iPad:

  • Install the latest version of iBooks on your iPad and iTunes on your computer device.
  • Click on the folder where you have downloaded the eBook. Drag the eBook on the Library into the eBook on your computer device.
  • Connect your computer device to your iPad through a USB cable.
  • Launch iTunes, click the Books option tab. Tap eBooks and sync the device with iTunes by clicking on sync.
  • The ePub is added to your iPad inside the iBook app.
  • Now, you can open and see eBooks on your iPad inside the iBook app

Steps While Using Mac:

  • Install latest versions of iBooks on your iPad and MAC
  • Update iTunes on your MAC.
  • Click to the folder where you have installed the eBook (ePub). Drag it and place the eBook (ePub) onto the Library in iBooks on your Mac. 
  • Double click the eBook. It will open, and it will automatically place in the iBook library.
  • Connect your iPad to the computer device using a USB cable.
  • Launch iTunes and click on the icon. Now click on the device icon and select the book tab.
  • Click the “Sync Books” option and select books you want to add to your iPad. Then click on “Apply.”

 Now open and see eBooks (ePub) on your iPad inside the iBooks app.

 Steps While Using PC:

  • Open Google Play Books in your browser.
  • Sign in to Google Play Books using a Google account; if you do not have a google account, create a Google account and signup for free.
  • After signing in to your Google Play Books, click “Upload files” on the top right. 
  • You can also install ePub files from your Google Drive, Gmail.
  • Place the eBook (ePub) on your computer device and click “Select files from your computer.” Choose the eBook you want to upload and tap “Open.”
  • Or, if you’re using the latest versions of Chrome, drag and place the eBook (ePub) file from your computer.

You will see uploaded files under the uploads tab in Google Play Books.

Step While Using Android Device:

  • Check to have the latest Google Play Books app downloaded on your device. Click on the install. Launch Google Play Books app.
  • Sign in to the Play Books app using a Google account. If you are not registered with Google, you may sign up here.
  • For uploading an eBook, you have to enable uploading in Play Books. In-Play Books, click Menu > Settings > Enable PDF uploading.
  • You can also upload ePub files from your Gmail, Google Drive, or Download Folder. See the ePub file on your device. Ensure you have ePub, not digital rights management, as Google Play Books don’t support DRM-protected files.
  • Make a long tap to see a context menu having an option to upload. Click the “Upload to Play Books” option, ensure that your ePub file is less than 100 MB; otherwise, it displays an error.

Now you can see ePub on Google Play Books under Library > Uploads.

How to Modify an EPUB File

There are many ways to modify EPUB files:

  • Caliber is the exclusive program for modifying an EPUB file to another form. It converts from Epub to most other ebooks, including the Amazon Kindle. The supported modifications include EPUB to HTML, LIT, PDF, TXT, LRF, FB2 MOBI SNB, and RTS.
  • Zamzar also supported restoring the Epub file. Using the website EPUB file, you can convert it to PDF, TXT, FB2, another similar format.
  • Using the Online eBook modifier this is the one way to create an EPUB file from another format like AZW or PDF.

You can modify an EPUB file by opening it in an eBook reader and selecting to save or export the open file as another file document. Yet, this is probably not as useful as using Calibre or other online file modifiers.

Top Ten Epub Readers For Windows

The epub Reader helps to view and open the book or a file in a document with an epub file extension. Readers use it for a better reading experience while reading an eBook and other files. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to read any Book( Epub). There are several ways available to read and access Epub books.

We have explored a lot and found the best readers for windows:

Epubor Reader

Epubor Reader is the strongest ebook reader with some stunning features. It offers a stunning design and user-friendly interface. Epubor reader supports multiple ebook forms, including EPUB,AZW3, PCR,TXT,HTML,AWZ etc. It gives you a fully customized reading experience and lets you view, organize, and manage all your ebooks in all kinds of forms in a single library. If you want to handle all your books in a single library, Epubor reader is a good option. Windows 7, 8, Windows 10, and Mac OS support the Epub reader.


Caliber is one of the famous ePub readers for Windows PC. Caliber is best if you are looking for an excellent ePub reader for your Windows. One of the most valuable features of Calibre is the “news” feature. This brings news from websites worldwide in popular languages and displays the report as a book. It also has multiple features like ebooks modifier in different forms, ePub books manager, downloading new ePubs, Downloading book covers, and ebook device finder. It also enables you to transfer books from one device to another quickly.  You can read Magazines and Comics, ePub readers.

Neat Reader

Neat Reader is another effective ePub reader that gives a world-class reading experience to ebook reading fans. It allow readers use the same software to read ePub files on any medium and ensure data update on each platform. Neat Reader functions on all devices, and the syncing process is seamless. The best thing about this software is that it works on android and iOS mobile devices. You need to purchase a premium feature if you have a vast collection of eBooks and use cloud storage of 10 GB or cross-device synchronization offered by Neat Reader.

Supported Platforms: Windows 7, Windows8, Windows 10, android/iOS mobiles, and web browser.


BookViser is the Reader of Epub for Windows that provides a realistic eBook reading experience, and it has been designed to give the experience of reading a physical book. This software’s best features are advanced text processing, library management, importing eBooks from the web, organizing eBooks, brightness, bookmarking, control, and media sharing. BookViser is also supported by Windows phones and tablets. Just download and check its fantastic features. BookViser is supported via Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows mobiles, and tablets.


Freda is software for reading ebooks on Windows. You can read over 50,000 classic books, feed books, Gutenberg, and other online media. You can also read your ebooks in the supported formats: MOBI, HTML, TXT, FB3, EPUB. It allows you to customize fonts, colors, annotations, and bookmarks. You can also use the text-to-speech feature of this software. It enables you to Transfer books from OneDrive or DropBox to your phone and can also be done with this software.

You can install books from the play store and keep them on your mobile phone to read when you don’t have internet connectivity, and you can bookmark your favorite eBooks to the start page. Supported Platforms: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Adobe Digital Editions

Most publishers use Adobe digital editions to unlock ePub files and proofread their books on Windows. It opens the eBooks in the perfect format across MAC, PC, tablets, or mobile devices and gives a high-quality reading experience. You can purchase digital content and read online and offline, and it enables you to sync your offline eBooks on all devices you have. Other features of this ePub Reader are bookmarking text highlighting and note creation.

Organize your digital file documents in devices with Adobe Digital Editions with options to create custom bookshelves sorted by book title, publisher, and writer name here. It is also available on the App Store & Google play store.

Supported Platforms: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, android, mac, iOS mobile.



FB reader is another open-source ebook reader that enables ePub, plain text, RTF, HTML, FB2, Doc, ePub3, and MOBI. Introduced on April 13, 2008, initially written for the Sharp Zaurus. It runs on many devices like Linux, Mac OS X, Nokia phones, and Windows desktop computers.

Significant features of FBReader are library building, word search, screen rotations, Full-screen mode, text to speech, embedded images, hyperlinks, and cross-platform compilation. FB reader is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android Mobiles.


Kobo is an ebook reader app that allows you to purchase books with an integrated store. Finding and browsing ebooks from the bookstore by writer, publisher, title, author, or topic in the search bar is simple with Kobo. Kobo allows you to manage and organize your books and keep them in storage space. Its features are font size, font style selection, preferred alignment, line spacing, margins, and themes to pick from day and night.

The Kobo desktop app syncs all your bookmarks, so if you switch between your computer, Kobo Reader, Mac, or tablets, it lets you resume where you left off. Supported Platforms: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Web App, and Mac.


The Cover app is used to read and collect your comic books, and it is the most common comic Reader featured by Microsoft. Access 25 eBooks in the free plan of the cover app without any feature limitation. You need to purchase in-app purchases to unlock unlimited eBooks and remove the ads. You can sync all your phones, computer devices, and tablets with In-app purchases.

It gives a stunning UI interface with a high-quality reading experience and supports OneDrive and Dropbox for additional storage. You can even customize it by changing page sizes, background color, font styles, and text sizes. I would suggest Cover if you love to read comics and ebooks.

Supported Platforms: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and mobiles.


Bibliovore is mainly dedicated to reading ebooks in ePub format, and you can download it from the Windows App Store, and it is free for Windows desktops. It imports individual ePub and PDF documents and scans and opens the contents of a folder tree.

If you want to customize your reading experience, it lets you change fonts, styles, foreground color, background, and day/night reading mode. Some of the significant features of Bibliovore are library management, metadata editing, search, OneDrive access, downloading eBooks from Gutenberg and eBooks Gratuits. Supported Platforms for Bibiovore are Windows 8.1 and later.

Wrapping up:

We hope this article helped you know everything about Epub and its supported platforms. You can install these Ebooks and Epub readers to view and access. We also recommended some of the application software which will support and allow you to edit and customize the eBook according to your choice and enjoy the best reading hours of your favorite book.

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