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The Ultimate Guide to Paint Brushes 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Paint Brushes 2021

Do you go to market, look for a paint tools retailer, and just buy a paint brush depending on its appearance? Or choose a branded paint brush thinking that it will help you in delivering smooth strokes just because it represents a famous brand? Understanding the fundamentals of paint brush is quite imperative before you get started with your home painting task. You will find wide varieties of paint brushes in market and each brush has its own shade to reflect. Getting the right paint brush decides the level of successful execution in your home painting task. It can make or break your painting task. Hence, you need to understand some basic concepts about paint brushes. In this post, we will guide you through some different paint brushes and their shades through which you will be able to select the right paint brush for your home painting task. So when you explore for paint tools in UAE, make sure that you keep these points in mind to get an apt paint brush for you.

Understand the type of bristles

The type of bristles in a paint brush majorly depends on the type of paint you are using for your walls. Choosing the best quality paint brushes is of immense importance while painting as some cheap quality brushes may have a filler strip in the center which can fill up with paint and create a mess during painting. Natural bristle paint brushes are most commonly used for home painting tasks. These bristles are generally made with animal hair and are best suitable for oil-based paints. These brushes are flat-bristled and hold more paint which allows maximum area coverage in a single stroke. Blended nylon and polyester brushes are best suitable for all sorts of latex paints. The polyester adds to the stiffness of the brush whereas the nylon adds to its durability. A pure polyester-based paintbrush is ideal for water-based paints.

Brush widths

The width of a paint brush depends on the type area you want to paint with it. For detail areas and trim, a 1 to 2-inch width paint brush will offer maximum precision in painting doors, cabinets, and for any cutting in on walls, a 2 to 3-inch brush will be much convenient. For painting flat and large surfaces like walls, a standard-sized 4-inch paint brush will be a much better option. Look for some scrappers online in UAE to prepare a smooth surface for your walls. Use a hand scrapper thoroughly to get a smooth surface so that your walls can absorb the new paint properly and offer maximum shine and reflection with your new paint.

Paint Brush handles

Handles of paint brushes are also a deciding factor when it comes to painting your walls perfectly. Whether you choose paint brushes with plastic handle or wooden, both have different effects on the grip. If you are a beginner, a paint brush with wooden handle will be a much better option as it will offer more form grip over the tool to execute it in a desired way. Even a paint roller with handle is also a convenient way to paint your walls with complete deftness. A rattail handle is long and lean to paint smaller areas with complete perfection whereas a fluted handle is little wider than a rattail handled brush. However, for beginners, a beavertail handled paint brush will be quite convenient as it is bulged in the middle allowing a strong grip over the brush and is suitable for painting large areas and flat surfaces.

Brush Styles

The brush style is something that completely depends on the type of painting task at hand. Getting the right-sized brush is of immense importance as it allows smooth finish and swift strokes during painting. For instance, trim brushes are best suitable for trim or molding. These brushes are flat and provide robust grip to paint narrow areas like outdoor decks, fences, and sidings with absolute precision. Wall brushes are much similar to these trim brushes but are comparatively thicker and hold more paint to cover maximum surface area in a single stroke. Just like a flat sash brush that is used to paint walls. Angle sash brushes are primarily used to cut in or edge around trim baseboards and ceilings. The bristles of an angle sash brush are slanted and its wider profile holds maximum paint to paint large areas. A steel brush plastic handle will also offer much convenience to remove corrosion and rust from metal surfaces.

Flagged-bristle paint brushes

If you are looking to accomplish your painting task swiftly and there are not much particularities to be considered while painting, a flagged-bristle paintbrush will be of great help. The bristles are split at the end which allows them to hold more paint when you dip it inside your paint bucket. Moreover it releases the paint on walls with perfect smoothness and easiness so that you can apply it to the maximum area in a single stroke. As it releases the maximum amount of amount of paint in a single stroke, you can cover large areas with great ease and this makes your painting task quite convenient and swift.

Brush End Types

To get the desired finish with a paint brush you have to consider the brush end types as well to ensure smooth finish. A chisel slim brush has slanted bristles that allow you to create smooth and straight lines while trimming in corners and edges. A square trim brush has bristles that are cut square and is ideal for pain ting flat surfaces, whereas the angled brushes can be used to paint trims, baseboards, and ceilings. The angle helps to paint certain corners and edges around the home with maximum control and precision. When you will look for paint tools in UAE, make sure the retailer has all these varieties in the store so that you can select a complete set of perfect and good quality paint brushes for your home painting task.

Paint brush is a commonly underestimated aspect when people think of painting their homes, and this is the reason why they are not able to achieve the desired result. A good quality paint brush along with proper size and shape is of utmost importance in deciding the level of execution so you must consider all the above-mentioned aspects which will allow you to choose the right set of paint brushes for your home painting task. Towertools is a leading supplier of high-quality paint tools in UAE at affordable prices.

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