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Things to Know before The use of Crest Whitestrips

ByHoney Sriwas

Oct 12, 2021
crest whitestrips

People these days are a lot more interested in the topic of teeth whitening. The only question that comes up is the kind of product that would be effective in terms of teeth whitening. People usually turn to the crest whitestrips as they prove to be quite harmless and a lot more effective.

The following are the most-noted tips that are associated with the crest Whitestrips:

Being consistent

These strips should be applied to your teeth regularly. Never should you be skipping a day. Continue with the application of the teeth whitening strips over the extensive time period as jotted down through the instructions. The Whitestrips should be applied each day for a bit of two complete weeks in most of the cases here.

Brush before applying

Make sure that you are brushing your teeth before placing the crest Whitestrips on your gums. Before placing the strips, you can make use of the toothpaste here. Make sure that you are refraining from the use of toothpaste containing fluoride as it would make the whitening agent ineffective. It is, however, important in terms of beautifying your teeth here. Also, make sure that you are rinsing your mouth with the help of water once you are brushing your teeth. The rinsing and brushing can effectively open up the pores present in your teeth and thereby proving accessible.

Avoiding uneven whitenings

The whitening strips should be precisely placed on your teeth as it is quite essential to not lose your sight as a matter of the fact that the teeth are hard to be covered up significantly with the 2D teeth whitening with the help of the strips. Make sure that the application is not made in a rush. You need to take your sufficient time and make the best use of your teeth whitening solutions to cover your teeth adequately and thereby whitening them.

The moderate use of the crest Whitestrips

The Crest Whitestrips can be used safely in moderation as overdoing it will be causing your teeth to be sensitive. They will also be causing permanent damages if they are applied at maximum frequencies. With overexposure to the whitening solutions, it would be possible for the strips to erode off the protective layer of enamel.

Keep it off the gums.

There is a bleaching agent that is present; however, it is not that powerful with the varieties that are utilized by the dentists as this would be the agent that would still be having the potential damages over the soft tissues. It becomes highly imperative in terms of using the teeth whitening strips that do not come in touch with the gum. Make sure that you are cutting down the strips, so they become easily matching with the shape of your teeth.

Never consume beverage or dark food after whitening

You need to give your teeth a bit of time after the application of the Crest Whitestrips. The pores here would be opened up for a few hours after the application of the strips that makes the teeth less likely to become stained if they come in contact with the beverages or food.


Honey Sriwas
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