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Tips on Increasing the Sales of Used Equipment

selling industrial equipment

Overall increase in sales of any item can be attained using typical tactics like as marketing, involvement in related conferences and events, improvements in employee motivation schemes, so on and so forth.

However, selling industrial equipment is a specialized industry with its own set of requirements. It is doable to improve sales up to at least 20% by understanding the nuances of this industry. Now on to the meat of the matter: how to enhance used equipment sales.

Know Your Customers

Clients who would need equipment fall into two categories. When selling products, it’s important to know who you’re working with.

Clients who already own this type of equipment.

Such clients are well-versed in the product’s characteristics and are aware of all the issues that come with using it. To pitch machinery to a buyer like that you must be well-versed in the technical aspects of its operation.

You can learn about these intricacies by communicating with individuals who operate this machinery through various forums. If you have older clients that have purchased equipment, then turn to them for production and speak with the technician yourself.

There is another type of Customers, the ones that are in it only to start a business and probably don’t know much about how the equipment operates. You should invite such customers to come and speak with someone who knows how the equipment works.

Someone who is new to the business doesn’t know the importance of regular maintenance of equipment so inform the buyer about that and let them know why getting equipment from your business will be ideal for them.

Know Your Competition

Whenever you are trying to sell machinery, it’s critical to know your competition and how much they have to offer the customer. To persuade a client to approach you, you must first establish why your terms and products are superior. Take notice to the following:

The price of competing brands to yours. If a rival’s product is less expensive, you ought to know why the cost is lower. Maybe you could lower the cost as well.

Find out what kind of maintenance services the competitions offer. Find out everything from their offered warranty periods to their annual or monthly maintenance costs. Establish how you have better services and something unique that you can offer to the clients.

Technical characteristics of rivals’ equipment. It’s critical to collect opinion from both your clients and rivals’ purchasers – learn whatever they like and don’t like, as well as what challenges and challenges they encounter over the course of business.

Cost of Maintenance

You can use the cost of maintenance and repairs in your favor. Let the client know that replacing or servicing new equipment is not so easy and can cost quite a bit. If you are selling cheap equipment you can use that to convince the clients that buying used heavy machinery from you will be easier than buying newer equipment. Since this way replacing the equipment itself will be cheaper than the maintenance and repair costs of a new one.

Product qualities in terms of business

The machine’s technical features alone are lacking for its effective application. It is worthwhile to calculate the company’s features like cost of maintenance, the quantity of items which can be created every month, year etc. and other aspects that will help boost the selling price. Engineers are crucial technical aspects, but executives and shareholders are the numbers that validate the purchase’s success. Customers will choose your business if the company features of your equipment are superior to those of your rivals.


If you are aware that the majority of your potential clients utilize a specific brand of equipment, it’s critical that yours will be compatible to it. This way you’ll have a much better chance of attracting clients to your business.

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