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Top 10 UK Based Web Development Companies that Build Effective Websites


May 18, 2021
Web Development Companies

Never a company in this era can think of establishing a business without having to form a striking website. This is what advertise them, something that aids them in selling their brands, products, and services. Any idea how to get that done? There are a lot of reputable web development companies that are willing to get that job done for you. Working with them will not only ensure you a remarkable website for your corporate firm but also guarantee traffic to your site in a short amount of time.

List of Best Web Development Companies in the UK as per May 2021

Here is the list that we have sorted out of the top ten web development companies based in the UK according to May 2021.

Website Valley                           

WebsiteValley.co.uk stands on top of the list with a revenue share of over two million dollars. Based in London, the company was founded in 2005. With a fifty-plus full-time employee rate and a hundred and fifty active clients, the client retention rate of Website Valley is about ninety-eight percent. The company provides services like web design, app development, ecommerce website design and branding services. The effective services and facilities provided by Website Valley to its clients make it among the number one leader corporations in the UK. They assist in creating an online narrative and utilize it to grow the online audience.

SEO Company

Based in Manchester, seocompany.co.uk was founded in 2007 and enjoys a revenue share worth upto three million dollars and above. This web development company offer you award-winning digital marketing and SEO solutions, having fifty-plus active full-time working employees who are ready to go above and beyond to help you out with the initial and crucial stages of your corporate setup. Considered as one of the leading companies, it holds sixty-plus active clients readily willing to work with them. Keeping its standard high, it maintains its retention rate upto ninety-seven percent keeping its clients satisfied throughout the year. They assure you to get your accurate content in front of the target you are approaching to. The on-page and off-page SEO provides you complete control of everything happening on your websites giving you access to page optimization and even the HTML of your site.

Digital Marketing Agency

Founded in 2002, Digital Marketing Agency has a client retention rate of ninety-six percent. Relishing the prestige of ranking number third among the leading companies, it enjoys a revenue worth up to a great extent of ten million dollars and above. Commonly known as DMA, the company is located in United Kingdom Division, and holding an employee rate of eighty-plus diligent employees. With a five hundred plus active engagements with the company throughout the year. DMA ranks third in the list of leadingweb development companies, providing web development services like PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Reputation Management. The client retention rate is upto ninety-six percent, serving major reputable clients like Jet.com, TripAdvisor.com, Kohler, Williams Sonoma, and Avvo.com.

Arcane Marketing

Arcane Marketing is a United Kingdom Division-based web development company having an esteemed revenue share worth upto three to five million dollars. A diligent set of thirty-plus employees working day and night helps in maintaining the client retention rate of upto ninety-eight percent. Providing its great services to companies clients like Idaho National Laboratories, SelectHealth, Line-X, Copag, Headsets Direct summing upto hundred plus active clients on board with them. With its extensive services including Enterprise SEO, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing, Arcane Marketing leads as the strong performers of the web-based companies of the UK.


e-Intelligence is a United Kingdom Division-based Web Development company that was founded in 2005. Ranking fifth among the top performer companies of the UK, it relishes a revenue share ranging from 250,000 to one million dollars. The active client rate is up to hundred and thirty serving esteemed clients including Paul, Brad H, Todd, Neil M, and Scott S. With a prodigious team of fifty-plus conscientiously working staff, e-Intelligence provides services including Reputation Management, SEO, Web Design, and Digital Marketing making its client retention rate up to ninety-seven percent. The inclusive package they extraordinarily broad and offer business everything necessary for your business to grow online.


marketingagency.io is also a United Kingdom Division based company having a working staff of up to twenty plus meticulous full-time employees. Serving to prestigious companies like Barefoot Books, Basecamp, Dansko, Dutch Bros. Coffee, and Essential Ingredients, it holds a client retention rate of up to ninety-seven percent, happily serving its treasured customers. To its two hundred plus active clients, marketingagency.io provides amenities like SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, and Web Design earning it a rank sixth in strong performers among the UK based web development companies.


WebMarketingAgency.com was established in 2009 and is located in United Kingdom Division. The company holds excellent teamwork of forty-plus industrious full-time working employees who work continuously to make their web development company better. The service area of WebMarketingAgency.com includes SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, and Content Marketing making their client retention rate up to ninety-eight percent. The revered clients like Our Town America, SealMaster, Crunch Fitness, American Prosperity Group, and Kitchen Tune-up, look forward to working with them with an active client rate of up to 300 plus clienteles.

Evolvenet Web Design

Evolvenet web design is an England-based firm. The company was set in 2005 and has progressed by leaps and bounds. It now holds a revenue share of up to one million to three million dollars. The service area of Evolvenet web includes SEO, Web Development, Web Design, and Web Marketing. The revenue share of this company is worth up to one to three million dollars. The client retention rate is up to eighty-four percent making it an esteemed and trustworthy company among all the other contender Web Development companies based in the UK. Utilizing the up-to-date strategies of software and marketing they offer their effective and exceptional campaigns ensuring an enhanced approach to the audience.

Net Sixty Six

Net Sixty Six is an England-based corporation that was set up in 2016 and within a few years has been successful in making its mark among the other contender web development companies in the UK. Now a revenue worth up to one to three million dollars, Net Sixty Six serves more than ten clients as their permanent consignments with a full-time working staff of more than fifty employees. Making its retention rate of about eighty-one percent in a short span, this web-based company offers its services in the SEO, Web Development, Web Design, and Local SEO satisfying the needs of their customers.


JEMSU is a United Kingdom-based company that enjoys a prestigious revenue share of about three to five million dollars. Offering services like SEO, PPC, Web Development, and Local SEO, the active client rate of JEMSU sums around seventy-three plus and the working staff of more than twenty productive employees work day and night to make their firm among the top ten Web Development companies in the UK.


The website is the first face of your brand, product, or service and is something that needs to be of a good impression. The website should not only be built perfectly but must convey your precise message to the audience as well. The better your website, the quicker it will be to close the deal. So these were the latest top ten best Web Development companies and websites that we reviewed. Let us know if you know about any great ones too.

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