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Top Method to Backup Office 365 Emails into PST Format

ByAlaina Jodi

Jan 25, 2022
Backup Office 365 emails

Today as technology is increasing, Computers or Laptops are becoming the main center for most of all kinds of processes. So, in this scenario, it becomes essential to preserve data on PCs safely as there can be a need for any data at any time. Office 365 provides cloud space for data saving, but still, one must backup Office 365 data, as there are many reasons that lead to the deletion of data from Office 365 accounts. These unforeseen reasons can be from any of these: 

  • Office 365 does provide access to multiple users and hence there becomes a chance of data alteration or deletion.  
  • We pay the subscription fee of Office 365 according to the space of its cloud we use. So, we can cut down the subscription fees by backing up the Office 365 emails into the local folders and consequently using less space of Office 365 cloud.
  • There is always the chance for ransomware and hackers to access confidential files in the Office 365 cloud.  

We talked about the unforeseen reasons that could lead to a bad scenario. Backup Office 365 emails save users from unforeseen reasons, and with that, it gives you easy access to the mailboxes. If users are stuck in the area of no internet connection, still, they can work with the mailboxes as they are saved offline. Now it must be clear why we need to back up the Office 365 mailboxes into the local directory. Let us see how many ways we have for Office 365 emails backup.

Ways to Backup Office 365 emails 

There are two ways to backup Office 365 emails into the local directory. These ways are a manual method and using the third-party tool. The manual process is free and the third-party tool, of course, is a paid one. But, it is recommended to the users that they use the third-party tool instead.

Reasons not to use manual method:

  • It is a highly complicated method that even a technically versed person sometimes gets puzzled to perform the backup task manually.
  • Time-consuming method: It might take hours and hours to backup Office 365 emails, and still, there is no surety that the task will be complete appropriately. 
  • Chances of data loss: There is a chance that a few items of the emails may not get back up. Hence, there is always remains a chance of data loss.
  • This method does not maintain the originality of the original data. There can be alterations in the structure of the backup emails.

It is clear why one should not use the manual method. Now let us have a look at which third-party tool performs the backup task well.

Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore tool:

Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore tool is a must-having utility for Office 365 administrators. Reasons to use this tool is that it comes with some of the rarely seen features. These features are incremental Backup and the scheduler option. If users are in a dubious state, Don’t worry! Here is given some of the noticeable features of the Shoviv Office 365 backup and restore tool:

  • User-Oriented utility: Backup process using the Shoviv tool is highly a user-oriented process as this tool comes with the simplest GUI possible.
  • Backup in PST: This tool backup the Office 365 emails in PST file format, and these PST files are accessible in any version of MS Outlook without any issue.
  • Job-based application: It is a job-based tool. Users are required to connect the Office 365 account once and can subsequently back up the data directly in a single click.
  • Filter option is available based on message class and date range. A folder filter is also available in this tool. All these filters help users in enhancing their ability to handle the data.
  • Scheduler feature: It is human nature to forget the tasks very often. The scheduler feature overcomes this tendency of humans and starts the job automatically at the scheduled time.
  • The incremental backup option is above all. This feature prevents the duplicity of the backup data. If the process is started again after some interruption, this feature enables users to start the process from the last backup email.
  • Runs multiple jobs: This tool’s advanced algorithm makes it run multiple jobs at a time effortlessly.
  • Provides Preview: This tool displays a review of the project details, backup directory, filter details, etcetera. Users can use these details to know whether they are on the right track or not.

How to use the Shoviv tool to backup Office 365 emails:

This task is divided into three steps as connect Office 365, backup directories, and backup jobs. Firstly download the utility, install it on your computer, open it and then follow the steps as listed below:

Connect Office 365:

  • Tap on connect Office 365 icon from the dashboard.
  • A wizard will open provide the project name and credentialsof the Office 365 account. Tap Connect when done.

Backup Directory:

  • Tap on the Backup Directory icon on the ribbon bar. 
  • A wizard will appear, provide the name and the path in the local directory, and tap OK.

Backup Jobs:

  • Tap on the backup Jobs icon in the ribbon bar, and a wizard will appear section-wise as follows:
  • Job name: In this wizard, provide job name, select the project name and the backup directory. Pressing Next will promote users to the Select mailboxes section.
  • Select mailboxes: Here, users can select or deselect the mailboxes as per their desire and need. Users can also choose whether they want to back up the archive mailbox or general mailbox. Once chosen, tap on Next.
  • Item filter: In this section, users are facilitated with an item filter based on message class, date range, and folder. Users can skip as well as use them accordingly and then be required to tap on Next.
  • Settings: Here, users can choose the thread counts, number of attempts to be made in case of interruption and use the split PST option accordingly.
  • Scheduler: This wizard is responsible for the backup job occurrence, frequency, and duration. Users can choose to perform the backup job once or on a periodic basis accordingly and tap Next.
  • Status: At last, the status will generate having project details, backup directory details, filter details, etc. if users are satisfied with them, they can tap on the finish.
  • Now tap on the start backup job icon from the dashboard to backup Office 365 emails.


We have talked about the drawbacks of the manual method and why and how to use the Shoviv tool for backup Office 365 emails purposes. The Shoviv tool comes with Incremental backup and scheduler options which are the USP of the product as these options are rarely available in any other backup utility. The Shoviv utility is simple to use; even novices can work on it. Also, it provides a detailed log report of the project at the end. The Shoviv Office 365 backup tool has the demo version, which is free and allows its users to process the first 50 files per folder. Now, in the end, users are free to choose any third-party tool to backup Office 365 emails.

Note: One can download a free trial version of Office 365 emails backup tool to examine its features and working process. The trial version will also allow you privew all the data. It has a free technical support 24*7. One can contact with us via chat or call.

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