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Top Technology Issues When Dealing With an e-Business


Aug 14, 2019
e-Business Issues

Technology Issues When Dealing With an e-Business

Launching an e-business may be a great way to increase your market reach on the far side of the area people. it isn’t tough to induce your website up and running; simply purchase a website name and net hosting area. certify you perceive what quite issues this kind of technology will bring.

Server problems

When exploitation external net hosting, the hosting company’s servers might expertise period. once the servers area unit down, your website is down, and once your website is down, you cannot build sales, that interprets into profit loss. to cut back the chance of server problems, opt for a hosting company with backup servers, and certify it guarantees a minimum of 99.5 % up-time for its regular servers.


Bandwidth problems

Most hosting firms place a limit on the quantity of information measure your e-business will use every month. Some e-businesses begin tiny and don’t need loads of information measure, however, the additional your e-business grows, the additional information measure you’ll possibly want. If you anticipate that your business might eventually exceed the information measure allotment, opt for a bunch that provides the choice to upgrade to a frenzied server. a frenzied server is your own server with unlimited information measure. Otherwise, you’ll need to undergo the trouble of moving your entire web site to a different host.

Dynamic information processing Address problems

The name for your business is allotted a “dynamic” net protocol address or IP. AN information processing address may be a series of numbers related to your name. A dynamic information processing address is shared with various alternative web site house owners, which decreases the soundness of your e-business web site. Dynamic information processing addresses area unit forever ever-changing, that conjointly decreases the soundness of your website.

Static information processing Address

To prevent a dynamic information processing address drawback, think about buying a “static” information processing address, that is your own information processing address — it ne’er changes, and isn’t shared. This ends up in additional website stability. to get a static information processing address, contact your net hosting supplier or net service supplier. If buying through your ISP, request that the ISP associate the static information processing address together with your e-businesses name.

Security problems

Hackers will enter your business website’s info to steal confidential and proprietary info, along with side client information. many purchasers have learned the way to search for “security seals” on websites, and can not build purchases from sites that aren’t secure. to stop hacks and to extend client confidence, secure your website by buying a secure socket layer, or SSL, certificate. Most hosting firms supply SSL certificates of the best SSL certificate providers for a further fee.

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