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Tweed Fabric: A Timeless British Classic

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Jul 25, 2022
tweed fabric

History of Tweed

A strong tweed jacket was a common fabric for early explorers who went out searching for Everest and the poles. Woolen Tweed Fabric is as warm and durable as natural fibers can get, especially in the rainy, drizzly British climate. Thornproof doesn’t mean it’s impenetrable, but rather that you can pluck one out of its weave without damaging it.

Because of its rich hues and luxury feel, tweed cloth has been a favorite of renowned menswear designers like Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss. Harris tweed shoes by Jimmy Choo and Chanel-styled tweed jackets by Ralph Lauren are hot right now among women. In the manufacturing of their sought-after handbags and luggage, Prada and Louis Vuitton have both used Harris Tweed. “Pimp My Ride,” an MTV show about customizing vintage cars, even has tweed interiors. However, the most “street” you can get is about as “street” as it gets.


In the textile industry, the name “tweed” refers to a kind of woven wool fabric that originated in Scotland. Traditionalists describe Harris tweed as the finest in the industry. For hunters, it might help them to blend in with their surroundings because of the range of colors used in the yarn. On Scotland’s northwest coast, the Outer Hebrides tweed fabric, knitted by men in their own homes, exudes history and tradition. Using mordants, the brilliant earth tones of wool’s natural vegetable colors may now be preserved.

Since the early 1900s, the Harris Tweed Authority has been certifying the fabric’s authenticity.

The legislation established by the British Parliament in 1993 known as the Harris Tweed Act, controls the subject of the product’s validity

Some individuals like the broader interpretation of the Fabric and the use of cashmere-blend tweeds. According to English tailor Tom Mahon, are the best choice for anyone seeking ultimate elegance and luxury. As a result, “it is so gaudy,” he says. The Irishman, who is the author of the insightful, worked at Anderson & Sheppard in London for many years and has cut suits for Bryan Ferry, Sir Alec Guinness, and the Prince of Wales, among other celebrities. There are a lot of people who have met Prince Charles, but few have encountered him undressed.

According to Mahon, a three-piece suit made of traditional tweed “would be a lot of weight”. In honor of the traditional beginning of the British shooting season on August 1st, Porter and Harding’s Glorious Twelfth fabric line is his favorite. Suiting weight tweed is used to create this traditional kind of tweed. Because tweed is gorgeous to look at, but not perfect for photographs on a bright day, it has evolved in this fashion.

The shooting jacket is a must-have piece of tweed clothing. A pleated back allows the wearer to reach forward as the bird flies above and fires the gun. “If it’s genuinely for shooting, you can add pleats on the back,” explains Mahon. It’s true that some individuals have them, but they never use them further there’s the riding-specific hacking jacket, which is shorter and more form-fitting.

Functional cuff buttons are a signature feature of classic tweed jackets. The buttons on the cuffs, according to Mahon, “have numerous tales as to how we received them” Rural veterinarians allegedly produced and sold them to farmers, according to one legend.

The out-ticket pocket and slanted pockets are two common examples of practical design features. Poacher’s pockets may be found inside a shooting jacket, which “is pretty popular,” Mahon notes, according to the guidebook. There are several uses for this garment’s lining’s extra-large pocket. A rabbit, Mahon tells the audience, maybe a good addition. “You may also put your booze in there.”


Furthermore, In Toronto and Montreal, Harry Rosen provides bespoke tailoring for tweed goods, with an estimated suit cost of $2,500. Above all Harry Rosen offers this service for tweed items.

Mahon is the place to go if you want to buy one of the Prince of Wales’s clothes. While a two-piece suit might set you back as much as $3,900, a jacket costs roughly $1,070.

When it comes to simple, long-lasting durability, even the Queen turns to Barbour. The Country Harris Tweed Jacket and the Sporting British Wool Tweed Jacket have introduced to the famed firm’s tweed inventory a few years ago. Ordering from Vancouver is best done via Carrington & Co., Baron Sport, Stollery’s, O’Conners, and S. Lampman.

Despite this, no one has ever been able to determine if George Mallory made it to the summit or not. Climber’s monogrammed Harris Tweed jacket made it clear who he really was.

With Fabriclore’s Woolen Tweed Collection, you’ll be ready for the cold weather with wool, acrylic, novelty yarns, and other fibers all used in the collection’s textiles. The coarse texture and additional warmth provided by the tweed weave distinguish this garment.

Each fabric is a must-have in your winter wardrobe, from checks tweed, plains, stripes, and reversible ones. With a variety of blazers, jackets, trench coats, pantsuits, pencil skirts, and more, you can create the ultimate winter style.

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