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Vape Cartridge Boxes Serve More than Just Advertising Purposes!


Jul 31, 2021
Vape Cartridge Boxes

Vape cartridge boxes are more in demand than ever. People are now using these as an alternative to smoking. Vaping is also known as e-cigarettes. Here at the innovative packaging, we offer some of the most unique and distinct  Vape Cartridge Boxes that will blow your customer’s mind. Vaping is more of a fashion trend than a habit. Hence the competition is more rigid, and the opportunities are endless. To beat the competition and take your place at the top of the packaging industry, you need to develop innovative and inspiring ideas that will attract customers. The packages are a fantastic way to gain your customer’s attention and increase our brand sales and profits at the same time. 

Why are Child Resistant Vape Cartridge Boxes important for your business?

When it comes to marketing via packages you need better designs and accessories to protect the breakable and fragile vape cartridges. Quality and durability is the ultimate form of promotion. It not only makes your brand reliable but builds trust between you and the customers. We make sure that our packages are made of top-quality materials that will keep your vape cartridges safe and sound at the innovative packaging. We have materials like:

  • Cardboard
  • Rigid card boxes
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Kraft cardboard
  • E-flute paper

All these materials are customizable according to your needs and requirements. If you want them to have extra thick layering, then you need only mention the innovative packaging we cater to all your requests and more. All these materials are excellent at keeping your vape cartridges safe and protect them from damages. You can never ignore the potential advantages of packaging because it provides an effective niche to protect your products and the visual appeal of the designs. 

Shapes and sizes

Customization gives you free rein over whatever you want to do with your packages. You can use any shape and size that suits our brand and protects your cartridges simultaneously. In addition, we offer many different types of package designs that keep your cartridges snug and safe. 

  • Tuck inboxes
  • Pouch boxes
  • Rectangular boxes
  • Window boxes

These styles are very effective in gaining the customer’s attention. We have all the vape cartridge shapes you can ever want, including rectangular, square, oval, and much more. Dimensions of your Vape cartridge box are also critical. It should neither be too big that your product rattles freely inside or too small it does not fit inside it. 

Customization is the ultimate promotion.

Nowadays, you can bring all your customization ideas to reality. We cater to all your requests in the quest to make your packages more unique and alluring. Beautiful packages are what make the customers decide whether they will buy your product or not. In what ways can you make your Vape Cartridge Packaging visually enhanced to promote it. We also include styles like 

  • Top tuck
  • Sliding boxes

These styles are the most convenient and easy to use.

Amazing printing techniques: 

At the innovative packaging, we offer the latest printing and designing techniques to make your packages pop up and grab attention from where they are sitting on the shelves. Suitable printing styles and ink give your boxes a new lease on life. If they are pretty enough, your customers might keep them and store other stuff in there as well. It keeps your brand longer in the lives of your customers. It builds brand familiarity and nostalgia that bring your customers back to you for more.

We offer 

  • Digital printing
  • flexology
  • Spot UV
  • Screen printing and much more!

Finishing options:

You can do countless customizations with rigid packaging quickly like:

  • embossing/debossing 
  • Foiling
  • Printing 
  • Hot stamping
  • Stickers
  • Finish coatings 

All these finishes will make your packages more alluring and visually enhancing. The glossy look gives a regal shine to your packages that catches our customers’ eyes from a mile away. While the matte finish gives a dense richness to the colors in your packaging, making it elegant and unique. 

What should you print on your  Vape Cartridge Boxes

With customization comes the independence of printing whatever you want on it. Your vape packaging is the one free channel of marketing and promotion of your brand that you can control entirely. 

Printing your brand name or logo is the best way to raise your brand awareness through accessible means. Ensure your logo designs or brand name are as catchy and memorable as other brands out there. You can also print sassy phrases and taglines that are synonymous with your company. 

You should also print essential things like the ingredients used to make the flavor vial inside the package. For example, what flavor it is. You can also use precautions on how to handle or store it properly for maximum use and experience. 

Use colors that are loud and elegant at the same time. You can use colors that match the flavor of the vape oil, For example, yellow colors for banana flavor or green for Mellon, red for strawberry, etc. It helps your customers recognize our brand and get familiar with it quickly. You can also use art and designs to distinguish different packaging and flavors. All these customizing styles and techniques set your brand apart and give it a chance to make its own separate identity. 

Author: alisa-jon