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Virtual Reality in the Coming Years — How Will It Work?


Oct 10, 2020

Even just a decade ago, virtual reality experiences still seemed something akin to a sci-fi technology that is far from being used in everyday life. In 2020, the world is already enjoying the benefits of this amazing technology. Even though the current virtual reality headsets are somewhat bulky, their optimization is coming along very fast. Just the notion of putting on a device and being able to immerse oneself into a whole different world is nothing short of miraculous. One does not have to be tech-savvy to understand that this technology could have a drastic, beneficial impact on our lives in the coming years. Virtual reality development is currently focused on entertainment and gaming purposes mainly, but the potential extends far beyond that. Everyone who has tried the technology will know that it is a game-changer. Let us take a look at what this innovation is capable of, and why virtual reality is the future of dozens of industries.

How Virtual Reality Is Changing the World

First things first, what is the meaning of virtual reality exactly? For those who are not familiar with it, VR is a technology capable of generating a virtual environment that is powered by computer processing power. It can make scenes and objects appear all around you, covering 360 degrees. VR is experienced by putting on a VR headset that covers your full view, while still allowing you to look around. The device registers your head movements and transfers it to the virtual world. Effectively, you will tilt your head in the virtual environment and feel like you’ve entered another realm. If you have not experienced the technology for yourself or are skeptical about its effectiveness, a couple of video searches for reaction videos should promptly convert your opinion. Surely, it is best to try it for yourself – you won’t be sorry.

Currently, VR taking the gaming industry by storm. According to market predictions concerning virtual reality news of 2020, the industry will grow from making $15.8 billion to $62.1 billion by 2027. Such growth is outlandish by any scale. What makes it so promising? Being able to immerse yourself in an environment can be extended to more than just games. We see this in use already to some degree, but the potentials are fascinating. Some future virtual reality examples include applications in journalism, tourism, education, art, and many more. As 3D cameras are becoming increasingly efficient, a current media investigation could report from a given spot and stream the whole situation to VR headsets around the world. Taking things further, 3D cams could be mounted to drone devices, thereby increasing one’s VR mobility and capabilities. For the culture and arts, it could mean that sold-out shows could still be experienced via VR streams. No one would have to feel left out. When it comes to education, people could learn a variety of things by being immersed in an example environment. Say someone would like to learn how to fly a plane. VR could simulate a cockpit, the figure of a teacher, and take one through all of the steps to fly a plane without actually needing to be in a given physical location. Such uses of VR would make different types of education much cheaper and widely available to the public.

These are only a couple of examples, but the scope of VR technology is so vast and limited by the imagination only. From social gatherings to architectural mockups – the technology could find use in a lot of industries. Although in its beginning stages, we are also seeing how virtual reality is being applied to enhance many programs for painting, sculpting, creating music, and more. We are likely to see whole new types of art forms evolve thanks to the amazing capabilities of VR. While gaming is already being greatly enhanced, future movies may not be something to watch but will allow you to actually participate in the events. This is bound to take storytelling to completely new heights and is likely to change how we think of entertainment as such. Instead of watching, people will become a part of the story. When it comes to virtual reality, the question is not if this happens, but when it will take over the arts and entertainment industry completely.

We hope to have given you a little overview of what amazing things virtual reality will do to enhance our lives in the near future. If you have not yet experienced it for yourself, let this be an inspiration to go and check out the nearest virtual reality center and see how incredible it is. What do you think of VR? How will it impact our future, in your opinion? We are excited to hear your thoughts, so please leave your comments in the section below!

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