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12 Essential Workout for Women Looking for Weight Loss


Oct 28, 2021
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30-Second Summary

  • The weight loss journey doesn’t and should never end with summer, as good health should always remain a priority for all.
  • There are several effective and practical workouts for women looking to shed the extra pounds and look and feel better.
  • By being consistent and patient, you should get your desired results with our recommended workout routines.


Hot girl summer may be over, but that weight still needs to go. If you are like several other women who want to shed the extra pounds to look and feel healthier for autumn and even longer, there are practical, yet effective workouts. The most effective routines will not require spending too many hours at the gym, as some of the best exercises for weight loss can be easy and quick.

So here, we outlined and discussed our top 12 essential workouts for women looking to lose weight and keep the weight off. All the routines shared here are enjoyable, easy, and proven to be effective for weight loss.

1] Running

Many people who have derived results from it would agree that running remains one of the most effective exercises you will find in many weight loss tips. It is an easy way to burn calories and get your system fired up for optimum performance. 

What’s more? With running, you do not need a gym membership or own a treadmill. It is free and can be done at just about anywhere with enough space to run on. All you need are workout clothes, shoes, and a water bottle, and then off you go. 

For an even easier and enjoyable routine, you can speed up and slow down your routine at an interval or every landmark/milestone. Sprinting and then slowing down also helps to add the much-needed variety to your activity and get certain areas like the core fully engaged.

2] High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

While regular workouts are among the top weight loss tips, not many will have the time for it, and this is where HIIT may be adopted. The training generally consists of short intervals of exercises at your maximum effort followed by longer rest periods. During HIIT, your body is pushed to its utmost fat-burning potential for more melting and reliance on stored body fat for fuel. 

A thoroughly done HIIT routine also aids in the release of growth hormones, which also causes the use of fat as fuel. In just about thirty minutes of intense workouts, your body is made to burn more calories than it would have on a regular easy walk or jog to the end of the street. 

Head over to Health Web Magazine to learn more about the benefits of high-intensity training.

3] Kickboxing

Not only is kickboxing a great way to sculpt the muscles, but it can also be an effective fat burner and helps lower stress levels. How? During kickboxing, your body relies on fat for the fuel it needs to drive your legs to enable your arms to throw heavy punches and uppercuts. A good kickboxing routine will also help improve your endurance and coordination and help you become fitter and generally healthier in and outside the boxing ring. 

Regular kickboxing can work on areas, like the core, legs, and obliques and boost heart and lung function, aside from improving balance and coordination. Just like HIIT, a fat-burning kickboxing session takes about 30 minutes daily, after which you can rest as needed. 

4] Rowing

Rowing machines are often overlooked for other cardio machines, but if you have one or access to one, it is one machine you really should start using. When used correctly, a rowing machine will work your glutes, hamstrings, arms, core, and back so effectively that you will have sweat pouring out of those areas. 

While many wrongly assume that rowing relies and work mostly on the arms, nothing could be further from the truth than that. Rowing’s effects come mostly from the legs. It engages your quads and glutes as your legs are driven back to pull the handle to your chest. Moreover, you get the best of cardio and strength training as you pull and open up the hips and shoulders as you work your heart and lungs simultaneously. 

If you are new to rowing, you can start with a 15-minute routine consisting of a 5-minute warm-up, followed by moderate rowing, then ending with a 5-minute cooldown. 

5] Walking

While many would agree that walking is beneficial, not all know that a 30-minute regular brisk walking can burn up to 150 calories daily. Health Web Magazine asserts it is one of the easiest weight loss exercises and highly suitable for people requiring low-intensity workouts. Plus, it can be an easy way to bond more with others or your pet, enjoy your favorite podcasts, and even get to know your neighborhood better.

If you are new to regular walking, you can start by walking 2 or 4 days per week for up to 30 minutes and increase your duration and frequency to 1 hour and six times per week.

6] Zumba

Fun and simple, Zumba can be a great way to improve your physical and mental health and bring about more calorie burn. Your body loosens up, causing you to burn more calories, reduce your stress levels, and increase strength. 

Typically, most Zumba classes consist of vigorous and high-intensity movements that are not only enjoyable but also help sculpt your body. During an intense Zumba session, your body is pushed to burn tons of calories bringing about weight loss and, of course, significantly increased energy levels. 

If this sounds like something you would like to do but do not have a gym membership, you can practice it at home with the videos available online for newbies, intermediate learners, and experts. 

7] Battle ropes

If you would like to get a full-body strength training and cardio workout, battle ropes can be a great way to do it. It is easy and at high intensity, can boost your heart rate within seconds. The routine is also fun and satisfying and can be enjoyed with friends. Plus, not many routines provide the sense of accomplishments offered by the ropes as it also helps clear your head as you unload any lingering thought. 

To use, simply start by holding one end of the rope with each hand and stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart. Then, bend your knees slightly and keep your chest up as your switch whipping your arms to send waves down to the rope anchor. As you get better at it, experiment with different paces and movements and try whipping faster with one arm and slamming the rope hard with the other hand. Try doing this for up to 30 minutes daily with 2-minute rests between each round and watch your weight drop. 

Also, you might want to check out the best weight loss supplements to help you build lean muscle mass and increase your energy levels.

8] Swimming

Swimming is fun and can also be a great exercise for weight loss, especially if running is not a routine you enjoy. 

A good swimming round can provide the benefits of cardio and strength training as water adds resistance and forces you to use more muscles for more fluid movement. Also, being in the water around 78 degrees helps you burn even more calories than on land, as the body’s normal temperature is usually around 98.6 degrees. By fighting to keep itself warm in the water, it is forced to burn more calories.

Swimming can improve your physical health as you are dependent on your legs, arms, and core to stay afloat while inside the water. Many swimmers supplement their energy needs with natural weight loss supplements. The market offers several brands, but you might want to check out One Shot Keto for a starter.

9] Yoga

Want to relieve stress and lose fat at the same time? Yoga is here to rescue! While often overlooked for other intense workout routines, yoga can be a great way to burn excess calories, improve health, and promote weight loss. In some studies, yoga was shown to bring about up to 150-calorie burn per 30 minutes of yoga practice.  

In other studies, participants in weekly yoga sessions had more reduction in their waist circumference than people in the control group. The participants in these studies also reported significantly better mental and physical health and were better able to practice mindfulness and curb their excessive cravings. 

To augment your efforts, read up on the best weight loss supplements while engaging in yoga poses to help promote quicker results.

10] Pilates

Pilates can be a fantastic way to lose weight if you are looking for a low-intensity but effective weight loss routine. Pilates routines are beginner-friendly and easy, and while it may not burn as many calories as exercises, such as swimming, running, and battle ropes, it is fun!

Despite it being a low-intensity workout, in several studies, participants in weekly Pilates exercises classes experienced a significant reduction in their waist, stomach, and hip circumference compared with those in the control group that participated in no exercises over the same period. 

Pilates has also been connected with reduced backache and improved strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, and overall physical health. The best part for us is that it can be done at home or the closest gym. Most gyms offer classes at reasonable costs, with classes up to three times weekly. 

11] Squats

Losing thigh and butt fat can be difficult sometimes. Thankfully, routines like squats, when done correctly, target your core and the entire lower body. The result is more fat burned in the thighs and glutes and a generally more sculpted body. 

It comes as no surprise; it is a favorite among athletes, bodybuilders, and those looking to improve their lower body and core. 

While it is challenging at the onset, it gets easier with time, and you are also able to improve your outcome by trying out different variations, such as the dumbbell/barbell squats and the sumo squats. Moreover, you may incorporate natural supplements, like One Shot Keto, to help you achieve a more sculpted body.

12] Jumping rope

A fun exercise, it is also one that can burn close to 1000 calories in an hour at about 120 skips per minute. Jumping rope can also be a great exercise for improving coordination, posture, core strength, cardiovascular health, and calf and ankle strength.

Regular use of jumping rope has also been connected with increased bone density, protection against bone loss, and generally better bone health.

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Regular exercises remain essential for everyone, including children. However, if you are looking to lose weight, workout routines become particularly important regardless of your gender and age. 

In this article, you’ve browsed through the 12 best essential workouts for women that are practical and effective. However, we must emphasize that even the most effective workouts for weight loss still have to be combined with healthy lifestyle modifications, such as diet change and stress reduction, for optimum results. Natural supplements may also aid the process. Modere Trim reviews from buyers have tips for faster weight loss.

Finally, patience is a crucial factor. Avoid trying to overexert yourself for quicker weight loss. You have to keep in mind that it can take time and sometimes longer. With consistency, you should notice your weight loss efforts to pay off.

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