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What is Web Designing and how to do the course?

ByPriya Mathur

Sep 21, 2021

In today’s time, most people are spending their time on the internet. In such a situation, everyone, from small to big companies, keeps a website related to their business. so that they can connect directly with their customers through the Internet, in such situation, Web Designing is a computer course through which you can join the biggest company. You can get a job as a web designer.

What is Web Designing?

Web Designing is the process of designing and building any kind of website. the job of a web designer is to design any website like this, the layout, content production, and graphic design of any website.

What if a user opens this website from the front. then he will be attracted to see this website. and the user should not face any kind of trouble in the website.

We can also call it Web Designing to build and maintain any website. in some way or another, we also call it Web development.to learn deeply you can also enroll in a web designing and web development course.

A web designer creates any website using markup languages. ​​such as HTML and CSS and works to provide content for the user’s work.

Although a team of more than one person. is involved in this process. many web designers are able to complete it alone. The same web designing has two parts.

  • Front End Web Design
  • Back End Web Developer

What is Front End Web Design?

As its name suggests, Front End Web Design is called that which is visible to a user. when a website is opened. The end is creates by a Web Designer.

In fact, it is takes care of that the user visiting the website should not face any kind of trouble. to see what the website user attracts.

If we understand this as an example. then designing a bus beautiful from the outside is Front End Designer, it has nothing to do with the engine installed inside the bus.

What is a Back End Web Developer?

The same if we talk about Back End Web Developer. then we can consider it as the brain of any website. because it is data not directly visible to any user.

Suppose you go to any website and fill a form. Then where to store the data entered in that form. and if you go to any website and log in by entering your user id or username, then which profile to open in front of you, etc. is the work of all Back End Web Developers.

If we understand this in simple language. then all the work behind any website do the Back End Web Developer as if it is the work of the Front End Designer to make any bus beautiful.

Priya Mathur
Author: Priya Mathur

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