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Why use a Floor Drain with a Cockroach Trap instead of a normal Drain Jali?

ByShahab Khan

Jul 29, 2022
Cockroach trap

Floor drains are an integral part of every household. They are the core of drainage systems in any space. Wherever there is a water supply, there has to be a floor drain to drain out excess water. 

The type and quantity of floor drains that have been placed in an area can be used to assess its sanitary state. In essence, floor drains conceal the drainage holes that have been drilled in the flooring of bathrooms, toilets, common areas, or kitchens.


Floor Drain With Cockroach Trap

PROBLEM: Are you tired of cockroaches & pests in your home?

Apart from open doors and windows, the most common way of entrance for these insects is the bathroom floor drain. Indoor pests like cockroaches are highly prevalent. They appear to be everywhere and they annoy humans with their existence. When you turn on a light in the middle of the night, their swift movements and quick evasion are really unnerving. Seeing a cockroach makes you feel unclean since they are notorious for transmitting illness, and germs, and causing asthmatic and allergy problems.

SOLUTION: Install Floor Drains with Cockroach Traps

These days floor drains come with cockroach traps. The cockroach trap floor drain is becoming common in every household due to the rise in awareness about maintaining sanitation and hygiene. 

What is a Cockroach Trap and How does it work?

The floor drain is connected to a device called the cockroach trap. It consists of a drain frame and a drain Jali, an outside cup with a cage-like construction, and an interior cup that resembles a tiny, round, opaque steel cup. The outer cup serves as the first line of defense against insects and other pests that commonly climb up sewage pipes. Most of the time, the insects are caught there and fall down the drain as water runs down the drainpipe whenever you use the washroom or any other space where there is a water supply. The inside cup, which always has some water stored in it, is the next barrier in case the insects climb the cage. The bugs die here, leaving your restrooms free from contamination.

Floor Drain With Hole for waste Pipe

Why you should install Cockroach Trap Floor Drains?

  1. Prevents Pests 

The outer cup of the cockroach trap resembles a cage and acts as a jail or a sieve for all the pests, insects, and other creepy crawlies that may enter the bathroom space or any space where the floor drain is installed through the floor drain and spread infections. Cockroach trap floor drains have become a necessity in households that prioritize health.

  1. Prevents Odour 

The inner cup is designed to hold some water at all times. This water helps in infusing and diluting any toxic gas, unpleasant smell, or odour that tends to arise from the sewage pipe that is connected to your floor drain. A cockroach trap floor drain helps you to keep your space odour-free and pleasant.

  1. Avoids Waste Pipe Blockage

The inner cup and outer cup collect most of the waste and other residues from the wastewater that flows down the drain. Due to this, your waste pipes that connect to the main sewer are prevented from blockages. 

  1. Easy to Install

The floor drains with cockroach traps are just like your normal drain jali only with an extended structure. This extended structure goes down the standard size of a drain hole (usually between 4-6 inches), making it easier for you to switch from a normal jail to a floor drain with a cockroach trap.

  1. Easy to Clean 

The entire structure of the cockroach trap floor drain is removable. This allows easy and hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. You just need to remove the grating top or the drain jali and clear all the waste collected or any pests trapped in the inner and the outer cup and assemble the whole thing again and install it in the drain hole.

Where to buy Floor Drains with Cockroach Traps? 

LIPKA is the biggest manufacturer of floor drains in India. The floor drain with cockroach trap is 100% made in India. These floor drains are constructed in rust-resistant 304-grade stainless steel with over a lifetime of durability and come with a 10-year warranty.

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