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Wiwafifa Extender Setup | How to set up Wiwafifa WiFi Extender?

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Feb 28, 2022
wiwafifa extender setup

The聽Wiwafifa WiFi extenderis a device that provides an easy and affordable way to increase internet range up to 3000 square feet, allowing you to reach hard-to-reach locations. With the booster, you can stream IP cameras in 1080p, 4K video on PCs, and download at ultra-fast speeds. It has a 2.4 GHz 300 MBps band for long-range transmission, a fast WiFi connection for video conferencing and controlling smart speakers, as well as a doorbell system.

Use a coaxial cable to connect your smart device to the WiFi network. It is compatible with WiFi communication standards 802.11n/b/g on the WiFi box. Security encryption-based in the United States ensures network security and prevents others from stealing your data. The Wiwafifa wireless range extender鈥榮 specifications and functions.

Wiwafifa WiFi Booster Specifications and Features

  • Improves Gaming Experience- With no drop WiFi coverage up to 3000 square feet and a fast speed of 300 MBps, this booster gives you a blazing gaming experience.
  • Broad Compatibility- It works with 99 percent of WiFi boxes (routers) that offer internet to gaming consoles, Smart TVs, doorbell systems, and other devices.
  • Quick Setup- The WPS button on the booster allows for a one-button setup in under a minute. Consider the extensive setup information provided below:

Wiwafifa Extender Setup

Remove the necessary accessories from the unit box, including the booster, and store it in a safe location. For safety measures, read the Wiwafifa WiFi extender instructions. After that, you鈥檙e ready to start the setup procedure. Locate the power receptacle close to the WiFi box before continuing with the setup.

Setup of the Wiwafifa WiFi Range Extender Web Browser

You may set up your repeater using either the WPS method or the web browser way. Both are meticulously demonstrated here. First, go over the most popular and reliable web browser approach.

  1. Next to the WiFi box, connect your extender to a surge protector or an electric receptacle. Allow some time for the PWR LED light to turn on. Maintain your composure until the PWR light becomes stable.
  2. Go to your computer鈥檚 or phone鈥檚 WLAN settings and look for the Wiwafifa XXXX network name. The XXXX in the network name could be an alphabetic or numeric character, and it could change.
  3. Using your desktop or mobile phone, tap or click to join the booster network. The network is accessible. It will take you to the login page for the Wiwafifa WiFi extender.
  4. If the login page does not open automatically, open it manually. To do so, open your search portal (browser) on your desktop or mobile phone and enroll in the Wiwafifa WiFi extender default IP address. To find the IP address, look at the repeater label on the bottom. On the desktop control panel, go to your WiFi network connection settings and then click on the details to see the IP address.
  5. It鈥檚 revealed on the login page. Choose a language and type the default Wiwafifa WiFi extender password.
  6. To set up the device as an extender, go to the login tab and select the repeater mode option. Determine which current network you want to duplicate in the dead zone now. To complete the configuration, typewrite your WiFi box鈥檚 network security key and follow the basic and straightforward screen instructions. Setup Completed appears once the setup is complete. Now go over how to set up your repeater with a WPS button.

Setup of the Wiwafifa WiFi Repeater (WPS)

It鈥檚 a quick way to get your repeater up and running. The plug-and-play device allows you to set up in less than half a minute. Follow the instructions to complete the WPS setup.

  1. Plug your extender into the surge protector or an electric receptacle next to the WiFi box to get power.
  2. Turn on the PWR LED light once some time has passed. Keep quiet until the PWR light stabilizes.
  3. Press the WPS button on your WiFi box a few times. Thumb the WPS button on the booster after you鈥檝e been there for a time.
  4. Your WiFi box and the booster will instantly sync. Then, as said previously, follow the instructions. The extender then starts repeating the network range once it鈥檚 finished. Once the setup process is complete, reposition your repeater while keeping an eye on the extender signal blinker. If you鈥檙e still having problems after meticulously completing the setup, consider the following options.

Troubleshooting Wiwafifa WiFi Extender

Why isn鈥檛 my Wiwafifa extender connecting to WiFi?

Examine the WiFi box and the distance between repeaters. The distance between your WiFi box and the repeater should be 4 to 10 meters. Keeping both devices at that distance will give you an uninterrupted and fast internet connection. If you鈥檙e still having trouble finding the booster location, look for the extender directional signal blinker on the very left flank. The extender signal鈥檚 red blinker indicates whether the repeater is too close or too far away. Only the extender signal鈥檚 green light is acceptable.

Is your Wiwafifa WiFi extender broken?

Before you verify the extender, make sure your WiFi box (router hardware )鈥檚 connections are in perfect working order. Once the router is working properly, check to see if the repeater is receiving power. The PWR LED light can be used to keep track of it. Restart your booster by unplugging it from the electrical outlet and plugging it in again.

Log in to check the Wiwafifa WiFi extender firmware. Update it as quickly as possible if it鈥檚 accessible. If none of the preceding suggestions work, use the last and most common troubleshooting method, which is a reset. Follow these procedures to reset your repeater.

Warning: Resetting the extender will reset all of your custom settings to factory defaults.

  • Hold your booster in your hands and press down on the reset button for 5 to 7 seconds.
  • If you鈥檙e having problems pushing the reset button, insert a pointed instrument, such as a needle, into the Wiwafifa WiFi extender reset hole and hold it there for 5 to 7 seconds.
  • The booster PWR light will begin to glow and illuminate.
  • Stay for a while to let the PWR light to steady. The extender resets when the light becomes solid.

Review of the Wiwafifa WiFi Booster

Upon first glance, this extension appears to be identical to the one I previously bought. My router does not appear to be repeating the signal. Because the present extender only repeats the signal in one direction, I purchased this extender to repeat the signal in the opposite direction of a dead zone. The current extender does not do this. It takes less than a minute to get everything up and running. Four weeks have passed with no issues and there are no signs of a problem developing. The experience of using a WiFi signal booster network in a dead zone is great and memorable. Overall, it鈥檚 an excellent repeater that comes highly recommended for anyone looking to duplicate a signal at a reasonable price.


How far away should a Wiwafifa WiFi extender be?

Wifi extenders can be an excellent solution for extending a wifi signal between a router and an electronic item, but they are not always necessary. WiFi extenders must still be within an acceptable distance of a wifi router, ideally no more than 20 feet, in order to be effective in their operation.

Do Wiwafifa WiFi speed boosters work?

Indeed, Wiwafifa WiFi extenders have the capability of extending the range of your wireless network connection. They are however restricted in their efficiency by a variety of factors, including the speed of the internet connection entering your home, the distance between your router and your home, the sections of your home that require WiFi coverage, and the WiFi requirements of your family.

How to connect to wifi repeater?

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