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Yoga 101 – Things You Must Know About the Benefits of Yoga

BySophia Loren

Nov 11, 2022
Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a common health practice; according to studies, about 300 million people in the US practice it. Yoga is an ancient practice and has become insanely popular in recent times as people are more aware of the health benefits yoga brings to their lives. Research has shown that the number of yoga studios in the US is increasing at an annual growth rate of 4.6% from 2017 to 2022. The increasing popularity shows that people have witnessed a visible change in their lives since they started practicing yoga. In times like today, where every individual is craving a moment of peace in their chaotic life, yoga is a breath of fresh air. It is a calming practice that every person should add to their ‘me time. If you are skeptical about adding yoga to your life, here are some health benefits yoga may offer you, along with calming your mind, body, and soul.

Yoga Helps in Relieving Stress

Stress is the root of major health problems and is increasing at a horribly high rate in every age group. Being stressed may adversely impact an individual’s overall well-being, and now it has become a part of life for nearly every individual. Yoga and meditation are one of the best and healthier ways to combat stress. Yoga reduces stress by encouraging mental relaxation through physical postures that promote flexibility and relives tension, ultimately reducing stress and anxiety.

Yoga Boosts Immunity

The Immune system plays a vital role in the health and condition of our body. Immunity is the ability of the body to defend itself against disease-causing organisms. Yoga helps strengthen the immune system by promoting lymphatic regularity and nourishing tissues with oxygen-rich blood cells. Studies show that stress is one of the leading reasons for a weakened immune system, and yoga also helps reduce stress.

Lose weight with yoga

Since yoga helps in behavior changes, improves mood, and reduces stress, ultimately, emotional eating is restricted. According to studies, yoga mainly focuses on practicing mindfulness and increasing awareness about how different foods affect your body. In this way, people tend to resist unhealthy food as they are more aware of the adverse effects it might have on their bodies due to yoga. You can burn calories through yoga as well by doing certain types of exercises that are more physical. If you want to lose weight through yoga, the key is to stay consistent throughout your journey.

Yoga Improves Balance

Yoga is all about balance, the harmony between your body, mind, and spirit. People who practice yoga improve their flexibility, strength, and balance in their bodies. Especially for older adults, different factors and health issues may contribute to instability. In cases like these, practicing yoga can help them maintain their balance and physical mobility, reducing the chance of falling.

Yoga Helps in Sleeping

According to studies, yoga’s slow and controlled breathing stimulates the vagus nerve, which controls the body’s rest functions. This process can improve the sleep cycle of an individual. It also relaxes the body’s physical and mental tension, which can be a possible reason for a tranquil sleep.


Yoga improves the quality of life overall. Once you start practicing it, there is no going back as it provides the mind and body with the comfort and relaxation we all need to stay calm and focused in life. It might be difficult for you to stay consistent initially, but once you start noticing the results, you will surely look forward to practicing it every day.

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